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Teamspeak Ban: Unban Request
Your name: Ebenezer Scrooge

Your SteamID: not needed, this was Teamspeak.

Your ban ID:N/A

Banned by: FLM Jonas

Reason: DA

Involved: N/A

Why we should unban you: I'm not double accounting, I've been banned by "Jonas" for no reason. This mod is bad, I barely know him and I get banned for doing literally nothing. Is this what I get for joining this teamspeak server for the first time?

Do not lie in the courthouse, you where not banned by me, but Random, the reason was:
"Joining support channel after multiple warnings not to.", and not DA.

So update the template, thank you.

[Image: H5wVLz1.gif]

Think i helped you out? rep me here!
Jonas did not ban you, it was me. You were banned because you kept joining back in to the Support Channel whilest we were busy helping out a fellow player. You did not say anything, even though we asked you to speak (Please note, we had been dealing with a bunch of Double accounters earlier on).

Your ban is not permanent, it is for 12 hours:
<17:16:39> "Ebenezer Scrooge" was banned for 12 hours from the server by "Random" (Joining support channel after multiple warnings not to.)
[Image: siAsgpE.png]
Since 12 hours have passed, I'll go ahead and close this appeal.
[Image: fu46rzZ.png]

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