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Report: (USA)EZFF_Happy gaming
Name of player: (USA)EZFF_Happy gaming

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:110435961

Time in GMT: 01:49 | 4 jan

Server: V4B1

Summary: I was standing outside Nexus and waiting and i saw a gun dealer walking against me then i did "ACT scared and starting recording", Then he started shooting me without saying anything. And you can see him break FailRp rule, there were two police officers telling him to get his gun down and he tried to kill them and flee from them while shooting. And later in that video he killed a Rebel.

         -Youtube Video on Happy doing, Attempt to rdm, Failrp and Rdm:

[Image: qewjBge.png]
Player found breaking the rules.

Blacklists will be issued.

[Image: 8PjDc0V.jpg]

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