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Another one bites the dust.
Hello Community, 
Today I’m resigning from my position in the staff team. Some of you may have seen this coming, some of you may not have. Lately I’ve not been as enthusiastic as I use to be, it’s kind of a bummer since I absolutely love Fearless! I feel that it won’t be fair to take the rank for granted by going inactive for a long period of time, this is why I feel that I should give the rank up. I hope someone else can fill in my space in the team and achieve great things while being there!

I would like to thank the staff team for giving me the opportunity to help around the Servers and taking my opinion on board, even If I didn’t catch eye-to-eye with all of them. I would also like to thank the Community for supporting me while being in the staff team.
Don’t worry, this isn’t a complete goodbye. I will still be around, just not as much. I will pop on every now and again to talk to some peeps and have some good old banter!

Here are some awesome people that I’ve spoken to throughout my time of being on FL:
Zambie: Do I need to say much? Bae. Keep doing you shit man!
Dan: Oioi laddy, my brother from another mother. Don't take shit from others and stay real!
Rat: Wagwan Bredbin, an absolute legend and down to earth guy, keep it real fam.
Random: Oh nononnonono. Absolute tank of a guy. I remember back in the day when we hated each other lmao, now look at us!
Divey: Diiiiiiiie v, I don’t recall speaking much before you got Moderator. Nonetheless once I got to know you, you became a pretty close mate.
Tomo: You’ve always been a friendly guy. You’re were a great Teacher liaison and always have been someone to look up to.
SnowRedWolf: It's a shame you resigned from SA, considering you were the only active one :/ I hope you make great things for Fearless in the future Big Grin
Avgar: Awesome Roleplayer! I kinda miss doing a few of them. PS. Zambie helped on the ‘big prank’ on the Realm: P
Lesanka: Awesome Roleplayer! I kinda miss doing a few of them.
Coffee: Coffee is one my my hoes. Coffee is love, Coffee is life!
Feffe: I remember you slightly from back in the day, you’re doing a great job as a Staff member, keep it up!
Jan: I don’t think I ever spoke to you before becoming a Moderator. Pretty awesome dude and one of the only staff members with a backbone and your own opinion.
MasterNoda:  I’ve lost count amount of times you’ve made me laugh from talking about random shit on TS. You’re Hilarious dude! Pretty dope Admin when you're online.
Hitman:  I’ve always considered you as a role model when being in the staff team. It kinda sucked when you resigned :/
Reebs: Well shit, I think I first ever spoke to you when I did an RP with my brother. Although you’re bad at Aggressive RP it can but fun doing RP’s with you (Except Falcon though Tongue )
Skummet: Really friendly dude, I remember doing quite a few RP’s with you back when v2d was alive and we had similar hours.
Brikaas: We had our ups and downs in the past, putting all that behind us you’re alright Smile
Holdem: Not really spoke to you much. Nothing personal, however you should give the rank up if you’ve lost interest in the game mode.
JohnSilver: Really chill dude, you’ll get far.
Rockdude: Seems like a pretty cool dude, you have excellent RP and building skills from what I’ve seen.
MrTrashTag: A pretty awesome Developer! Keep doing your shizzle man, we all appreciate the time and effort you put into your work!
Dreebott: A coolio dude. I’m glad to see you as a teacher after you changed your attitude Smile
General Weed: Maaaaaaria! Stop getting carried man and please Shut thefuckup Smile Seriously though, stay safe, homie!
MintBlackBeard: Pretty Cool guy, you’re doing an amazing job as Teacher, keep it up!
Atlas: Spoke a couple of times, you seem’d like an alright dude.
NightHawkd: Absolute legeeeeeeeeeeend! Don’t speak much anymore, however you’re a great guy.
Merle: Are you dead? Jk, good luck in the future, pal. Mooooooooooose Smile
Sebasti161: Oh baby! I hope to see you as a future popstar. Best FL Shitposter Big Grin
Broccoli: Do me a favour and slap Rat for me Tongue
Panda: An Irish beast. Pretty awesome dude, I wish you the best!
Frost: Probably the only Scouser that I can talk to for more than 5 minutes. Take that as a complement Smile
Falc: Pretty hysterical dude, it’s a shame you got perm’d. I miss the good ol’ v2d aggressive RP days with you.
Nipple: What happened to you man? I miss you Sad
SirNarc: Fairly chilled and friendly dude from when we have spoke Big Grin
Enzo: I guess I can call you an FL member…. Hilarious dude, you can make me laugh so easily!
Wilson: One of the first people that I spoke to once I returned to FL. Man’s a beast!
Georgy: I remember contra farming with you back in 2014, man I had a blast back then!
Shadow/Turtle: Definitely a friendly person. The team didn't look the same when you got your yellow tags. btw, you got carreid on CS:GO Big Grin
Balls: An amazing RPer! Mate, I wish you the absolute best!
Agorith: The absolute Posi man! I know we'll stay in touch.
Yogi Bear: Pretty funny dude, it’s a shame you don’t play as much anymore Sad
Kahjo: Mate, I was laughing for ages when you got that week cool down on CS:GO. You’re a somewhat decent dude, goodluck in the Future.
Viljo: Oh boy, the steam chats. We spoke so much, weird but cool dude. It’s a shame you lost interest in FL Sad
Tawxen: I would like to thank you for all the money you gave to me and Zambie through the Casino. I can assure you, it went to good use Smile
WillemTheWalrus/Joe: You seem like an alright dude, it’s a shame we never really spoke.
Sparx: You’re a prime example of a role model on fearless. From a minge to a superb roleplayer! Put the past behind and look forward to the future!
TheMJ: I will continue to blame you for everything that goes wrong #BlameMJ
Wilson: Oh Wilson. 'This has to stop, now!' One of the first people i spoke to when i returned to FL. I wish you the best holey Smile
Baloo: Pretty cool dude, I still remember day one of speaking to you and starting some beef with Kaos. Good times!
Soul: None of this would be here without you, thank you for allowing me to have so many great memories while being here!

If I did not list you above it’s simple because I haven’t spoken to you much or I simply forgot.
Peace out.

My ghost! Noooooo!
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Goodbye Ghostie! :C
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Dang, shame to see you go, pls keep in touch
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Great guy, sad to see ya go, finally found peace I guess
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Oh god. Why..

We will stay in touch for sure bro!
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Well, fuck me sideways.

Bad to see you go man.
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Ghost i know we revently haven't spoken due to certain events that happend.

Nonetheless i still respect you, and it's sad to see you go, you're a funny lad, i still remember you back when you where just a player. ^^.

See ya, i guess? Undecided
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This is a joke.. right? </3 :/
Such a shame to see you go. You were a brilliant member of staff and you're such a funny guy!
Keep in touch yeah?
*Sheds a tear*
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