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Dobby is gone for now
So I am going to leave FL. It was a good ride although it is not the same 6months ago.

For those people who want to know why, here you are...

-Bored of FL
-Bored of PC
-Many mates have left
-Real life stuff

I will probably come back, maybe, I don't know :P
It will probably be a case of being highly inactive, and when I do come on I will probably be the willy I usually am!
I might come back tomorrow because the silly billy I am, but anyway it was a good ride!

Honourable mentions who made FL...
In no particular order....

The Best Goat
I got you on FL, thanks for lending me all that money I finally got my gay BMW

You left FL, although your Asian RP was good you lad!

You 12 year old, who sounds 9, who sounds like he has turrets and c unt spelel have a good one, stay as you are you always cheer up someone's day get rage af xD 
I will come back when you are unbanned and leave when you get perm'd

Teach me how to use m4 you legend, sick shot!

I will have to praise you! Thanks for saving me from a phew bans ;) Legend

Cool guy, come back man and stop going SRU to carry your team!

Saved my back in too many raids! Cheers man, good times.

Lad, come online more man!

Sign me

Taught me how to shoot a gun, run a great clan! I will waite 3 months to see the next war that goes down!

Mr Ranger
Got Perm'd but youuuuuuuuur commmmmming with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Honestly got me into aggRP. What a G.

Princess of Dubai

Hopefully your sell the car! Have a good one!

Good morning vieeetnam! How you beat me idk!

I'll come online for your RP, but damn that was a lot of planning GG!

Yo man! Awesome and funny guy! What a G, speak more man!

Legend, great builder and all round lad, didn't speak much but damn you knew how to roast ;)

Your funny as heck, have a good one and do more labby boissssss

Didn't speak much although I deserve a RPP right!??!

Gratz on teacher man, block out them haters your a G

Ting tong tan!11g Sorry if I spelt your name wrong I am a mr cul kid.

Is my base doomfort? Nah your a G but the haters speak the trust ;)  jk <3 u

I joined FL through you, so yeah cheers buddy! Do some more aggRP!

If I missed you out sorry, Its dinner time and my mummy is calling me .
Or I missed you because I ended up kill farming you and you got mad, or I just never got the time!

FL is good although I will come back when it is great. Have a good one lads, bye bye for now

I will still be on forums and leave the clan on for bants

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BRUV, wtf are you doing. Remove this thread now. Who do I need to save now? Who can I base with now? First frost, now you. Stop it.

Sad to see you leave man. Take care
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Aww, see ya, Dobs Undecided

Who am i gonna get for doomforting now? Wink
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You really weren't that bad to be honest. You weren't one of those Aggressive role players who acted pissed at everything to try and impress people. Not that I knew you personally but how you acted in general.

I will miss not seeing you on the forums.

Goodbye Dobby!
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You were an alright dude I suppose, take care!
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see ya dobby
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Goodbye Dobby,

I didn't get to RP with you but you seemed alright on the forums.

You have been given a sock and now you are free.
Kind Regards,

British Donator
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(12-29-2016, 05:49 PM)Create Wrote: Goodbye Dobby,

I didn't get to RP with you but you seemed alright on the forums.

You have been given a sock and now you are free.

* Dobbs takes sock

Look cheeky forum RP - Also for those who thought I was aggressive, cheeky bitta passive
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Pretty sure Dobby and passive shouldn't go in the same sentence.
Anyway, take care!
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Goodbye and take care.
Fearless Teacher

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