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The Veterans Strike Back
Well deserved!
Congratulations you two!
[Image: T8P6snO.png]
Congrats folks
[Image: 1%2B-%2BrzzxCoK.png]
Special thanks to Envy for the signature

[Image: 5sPerm5.png]


Nice job lads.
[Image: 0STbbO7.png]
Oh yeah and poor old Jonas and Random left as the only moderators lol Big Grin
[Image: 0STbbO7.png]
This post sounds like a new star wars film.
[Image: T8P6snO.png]
Glad to see them back where they're meant to be. Smile Congratulations both of you!
Retired Administrator
Congrats boys!

Feffe, jeg sa jo det Wink
[Image: kZYab37.png]

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