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DarkN00b re-promoted to developer
[Image: development.png] 

The development team has decided to re-promote DarkN00b to developer.

Unlike his name, he's certainly not a n00b when it comes to modeling. He's known for making the ACP baton, the radar gun and the recent fireman props. He will develop models, which means he will create new and unique models for Fearless, or improve existing ones. Currently he's working on a several updates!
Congratulations and welcome back on the team, DarkN00b!

[Image: 8f1cc80792.png]
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:15472195&b=9]
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Knew it
Copied the old thread XD GJ
Welcome back Dark! You did great in the past, I'm sure you will do equally good now. If not better!
[Image: hiEB8eA.png]
Awesome, good luck!
[Image: H5wVLz1.gif]

Think i helped you out? rep me here!
Yay, welcome back
Welcome back! Big Grin
Good to have you back!
[Image: dxm6lnG.png]
Awsome, Welcome Back
[Image: xpmO5aA.png]
Please +Rep me if I help'ed you in anyways
Woop woop!
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