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A guide to the SRU Sergeant Job [Not Yet approved]
(01-01-2017, 12:08 PM)Panda Wrote:
(01-01-2017, 11:59 AM)Rαtαtσskrr Wrote:
(12-23-2016, 06:31 PM)ELAD the Elf Wrote: You will spawn in the Nexus garage. You may stay here until you are called, or you may move somewhere else...

4.1 - Organizing your troopers
Now you must decide if you would like to stay at nexus, or station elsewhere. You may want to station Jails, as you can easily access nexus if need be, you are automatically guarding jail from a raid, and it has easy access to the garage so you can mobilize quickly. But you ca station pretty much anywhere as long as you have a dupe, or are prepared to build.

Don't Quote me on this, but im sure the SRU's job is to Defend the NEXUS

The SRU job is to defend the nexus from attack because the cops are busy on patrol and respond to urgent callouts.
The SRU's job is to respond a call where tactical combat skill will be required. They are NOT there to defend nexus or the president unless the is  a significant threat against the nexus or the president; like a dictator with laws to match.
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Finn Conlon 

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^Fin said it all. Sorry for not replying, was on holiday for passed week.
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Thank you Envy
Very useful guide! Good job!
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