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My unban request.
Your name: Soltar/bier/beer/kurwa

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60116068

Your ban ID:62462

Banned by:[FL] Nev

Reason:Requested Perm | Proppushing | Propkilling | Propsurfing | Mingefest | Disrespect

Involved: Friend of mine but he is never on pc anymore.

Why we should unban you: I know I have broken the rules and I fully regret it but I really do miss the server and how fun it was and I bet still is. I got banned like half a year ago but lately I really miss the good old times. I promise that if I WOULD get an unban I take it as my last chance to prove I'm a good Roleplayer. And if I would misbehave once more you may ban me for good and I will accept it plus you are able to use this letter against me for if I would try to come back again. So you will be able to say it was my last given chance. So if I misbehave or won't play by the rules again you may ban me for good and dismiss me for good.

But I really hope to get an unban because I really learned my lesson.
Yours faithfully,

Your ban will be lifted. However if we notice that your behaviour hasn't changed, the perm will be reinstated.

[Image: fu46rzZ.png]

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