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unbanrequest for Flaminator
forum account: Mr. Flaminator

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:49905497

Your ban ID: gone / cleared

Banned by: gone / cleared

Reason: ToS ( Terms of Service )

Involved: /

Why we should unban you:

Today (After almost 2 years) I would like to request a removal of my punishment on your forums. 
I have been banned for ToS ( Terms of Service ). As it took place a long time ago I've no idea of what I did wrong and could't remind myself. 
I know of myself I did a few mistakes when I was a member here at the Fearless community, 
Anyway every human makes mistakes that why it makes us humans. I know that it is not a valid reason. 
Ofcourse my maturity has been bettered after all those years. 
I would like to thank you for reading this thread.
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You launched a duplicate community and have double accounted.
The perm stays.

[Image: fu46rzZ.png]

I will re-open this for further investigation.
Apologies for the missunderstanding. In some archives there are those statements that I mentioned.

Mind explaining them?
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I post for Flaminator:

Hello, First of all, Thank you for re-opening my unban request for further investigation. As said above I got banned for making a Duplicate community. I did some research about this at some old files and friends. By this I found out indeed it had some copied files, but If I can remind myself the community said has been closed after those punishments (Wich got me to making a new one called "Addicted Gaming" where Generation (Staff member here at FL) was a part of. Anyway as I was indeed unbanned for this ages ago on the Server before the community decided to cleanup the bans I think its fair to get me unbanned for that on the forums also. Since for me it makes no sense. As for the Double Accounting, I've no idea where Fearless itself got this idea from since I never had a Second account nor a second account on the forums (If so I would using that one). So I would kindly ask to state some proof of the Double Accounting. Also, I want to thanks Hostage for posting this for me and Helping me out. Kind Regards, Mr. Flaminator
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Hello Flaminator,

Thanks for your patience will your appeal.
Your ban has been lifted.

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