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UBR Noxious Icicle
Your name: NoxiousIcicle

Your SteamID: STEAM_0[b]:0:73692479[/b]

Your ban ID: 75007

Banned by:[FL]Reebs

Reason:Breaking FearRP - Thanks for being honest

Why we should unban you:
The situation: We decided to put a car up against the fence, and I jumped the fence. I saw Reebs and Divey in the garage i decided shooting them would be suicide, so I waited outside the garage waiting for one of them to come out; a while later Reebs came out (hostage still in garage at this point) I pointed my gun at him and told him to drop his weapon, (which he was also pointing at me) we stayed in the stalemate for about 10 seconds or so, where I had a choice: let him carry on whatever he's foing, and probably die; or open fire on him first and try to kill him. At this point the hostage had come out, soon (couple of seconds) I fired on Reebs and of course died because he had a galil. 
At first I thought this was fair, however I read up more on the rules and didn't see anything regarding how you should act when somebody comes out with a hostage. I'm feel like I'm wrong however, I feel as though that is what i would have done realistically. 

                                            +Rep me here

We had a hostage inside the garage, as you stated. The hostage moved into the garage after I killed another officer out in front of the garden. The hostage, who came out the back entrance right before the firefight ensued was held at gunpoint out front and ran back inside after the other officer was killed. You were fully aware that we had a hostage and you opened fire on me anyway. However, shots had already been fired at that point in time and FearRP was off. I apologize for misinterpreting the situation at that point in time and hereby approve this UBR.

UBR approved, and ban removed from record.

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