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Neversleepy's unban request.
Your name:
[FL:RP] Neversleepy

Your SteamID:

Your ban ID:

Banned by:
[FL] SnowredWolf

Rejoining to avoid 'NLR Blacklist'.

[FL] Snowredwolf, [FL:RP] Neversleepy.

Why we should unban you.
I got blacklisted for breaking the "New Life Rule" for 3 hours.
In my opinion it was a fair blacklist because I came back to the 
place where my character died immediately after crashing my car.

After seeing I had to wait 3 hours before I could re-spawn, I did not realise
it would be a bannable offense if you re-joined the server.

I didn't know you would have to be required to stand idle on the server for 3 hours before
being able to play again. If I knew this, I would have never re-joined the server.
Please understand that 3 hours is an excessively long amount of time doing nothing, 
therefore I didn't think re-joining would result in a 2 days ban.

I understand what I've done wrong, but I felt the urge to ask you to soften the blow
due to this misunderstanding. I sincerely hope you'll reconsider removing my ban
or shortening it and that I could wait out my 'NLR blacklist', without having to
wait 2 days more.

Kind regards, 


[Image: JuQSwQg.png]

When you get a NLR blacklist you have to wait 10 minutes to spawn, this is to avoid you breaking NLR.
You do not have to wait 3 hours to spawn, it's simply the fact you have to play for 3 hours before the blacklist will expire, every time you die within these 3 hours you have to wait 10 minutes to spawn again though.

However, I'll be willing to lift the ban and still keep it on your record, as it seems like it was an honest mistake on your side. What do you think of this?
I think it's reasonable as it was a mistake on my side.
Thank you for understanding.

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