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I like to create websites, manage them and update them.

Is there any of you guys who got a interest in this? Feel free to share your projects Smile
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I felt really sorry for you and the fact no one replied to your thread you must feel lonely....

Hi, I'm Marty....

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Well, I have my website which me and my family use to update everyone on what's happening. Basically a social media site for our family. I wont post link
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Made by Envy
I mean. I've created somewhat of a page but then scrapped it because I just lost the spark. Thinking about continuing on it.
Ah, the wonders of HTML and so forth, right now I'm working on a .hta (the basically exe of HTML) to create a hub for my pic andrasperry win10 iot projects
I created a website for a business, got severely under paid and exploited, now I hate websites. >Sad
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Fuck those guys then

Call @ for scamming haha

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