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What do you shoot?
Hello all,

So I was thinking, most of us here know about guns, or at least of them.

So, those of us that DO go and shoot at the range: What do you shoot?

I shoot a 9mm Glock 19 Gen4.

Spoiler: Glock 19
[Image: 19_gen_4.png?v=1402615136]

Usually rent a .357 Magnum Revolver when I go as well, depends on what they have in stock

Spoiler: .357 Revolver
[Image: DW14_715Posed-R.png]

[Image: 0f4e7OC.png?1]
I don't shoot guns.

As Sean King says, several psychologists have stated that the white male obsession w/ holding/shooting guns is compensation for small pensises & low sex drive.

Even more so, when white men hold big black guns and shoot power out of the tips of them, it gives them a racial-psychosexual high.
Guns are the ULTIMATE phallic symbol. No item in our society looks, and even functions more like a penis than a handgun.
Even gun language is pseudo sexual. willy. Load. Shaft. Gun & Penis terms. Sounds crazy, but gun obsession in America goes deep.

Get over your sexual obsessions and turn to pacifism.
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Children, mostly.
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(11-24-2016, 12:22 PM)tawxen Wrote: Children, mostly.

Dont forget schools!
Kind Regards,

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I'm not from america, so I can't shoot guns everywhere.
Fearless Teacher

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errr... yeah... guns are a bit illegal in most places, though i do have a pellet gun i shoot at pigeons.
*background voice* poor pigeon
sometimes, women
*background voice* you assuming my gender
yes, now shut up
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I shoot bullshit out of my mouth, thankfully most of it goes on this forums so i don't do too much damage because it blends in with most the other crap people post.
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I shot an uzi before, in the air on the last day of ramadan 6 years ago, yes i shot a fully automatic pistol at the age of 8.
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a load
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Mankind was born on Earth, it was never meant to die here.
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