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[CLOSED] Bentley Productions
Dear, Sgt. Wong

May I please start off this letter by giving you our deepest apologies. Your application has been lost in the all hype for our recently announced projects. We would be absolutely delighted to have you as an Actor in our staff. You will not have to go through the recently proposed audition process and we will add you to our list of staff with immediate effect. We hope you enjoy your time here at Bentley Productions and we hope to see you on the big screen in the near future!

Many thanks,
[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
CEO of Bentley Productions
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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[Image: lHGmMAX.png]

Greetings everyone,

Miss Evocity was an utter success! I was so proud to see our very own in the show. I would like to personally thank, Krissy and Richard for Hosting, Jack Mondays for being a Judge, Sam Lint for being a photographer for the event, Zeke Harbury for his amazing performance and Sergeant Wong's wife, Madam Wong for being a contestant. But we can't forget Madeline, for only going and winning the entire competition (We promise it wasn't rigged).

We would like to say that at this moment in time, the rights to Miss Evocity are solely handed to us and interviews with Miss Evocity are strictly forbidden as she is contractually obliged to only appear in our media. If you have any inquiries about this you can email either me (Divey) or Krissy (Lesanka).

Another issue we would like to address is that recently we have received multiple offers for us to produce a show. Here at Bentley Productions we put our entire love and energy into each creation, spending almost twelve hours on editing alone and so we will not be accepting any offers for productions. If you would like to suggest a show we might consider it however being asked or payed to produce something is not on our agenda.

Many thanks,
[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
CEO of Bentley Productions
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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[Image: lHGmMAX.png]

Greetings, everyone

We are well intro production of our upcoming magazine, 'Evogue' which can be expected to hit the shelves in the following weeks, you can expect to see intriguing stories such as 'HOT or NOT' and many more. If you are interested in getting something featured in our magazine then you can contact either Krissy Blake (Lesanka) or me (Divey). We looking forward to showing this to you.

In other news we are pleased to introduce two new members to our fold, Kimball Blake (KimmyPanda), who is the sister to our very own, Krissy. Krissy has praised her skills as a Writer and we must assure you that she received her job due to her talent and not due to family ties. Our other member is Kimmy Redwood (KimmyPanda), who has joined the Singer profession. You can expect to see Kimmy at the Great Debate later tonight at Grassy Fields! We hope to see many of you there.

Many thanks,
[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
Co-Owner of Bentley Productions
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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*One of Mr. Bentley's emails has found its way in the public domain, whether it has been hacked and published or leaked on purpose by Mr. Bentley is unknown.*

FROM: George Bentley
TO: Lee Wong, Madeleine Gerin Lajoie, Jack Mondays
CC: Krissy Blake
SUBJECT: Uncertain Loyalty

To, all recipients.

There is a topic at hand that has recently arisen following the fall out between the organisation known as Estleback Corporation and our own, Bentley Productions. It has come to my attention that the three of you are all involved in these so called 'Peacekeepers' and this troubles me greatly. I would like to personally speak with all of you and discuss the future possibilities for you and this company. One thing to remember is, stars shine but they also fall.

Mr. Bentley
Co-Owner of Bentley Productions.
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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FROM: Jack Mondays
TO: George Bentley
CC: Krissy Blake
SUBJECT: RE: Uncertain loyalty

Good evening,

Under the circumstances present, I do not feel as if speaking with any representative from Bentley Productions regarding the situation at hand without legal representation present would be in my best interests at this point in time. My lawyer will be in touch shortly. 

Jack Mondays

[Image: XmVtlgA.png]
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[Image: lHGmMAX.png]

Greetings, everyone.

Recently, an email of mine has somehow found its way into the public's domain. I blame this down to the increasing hostility between ourselves and this so called Nestlecrack Corporation. I want to reassure all of our current standing employees that we have absolutely nothing to fear and that NestleLackOfAnythingGood is just all talk.

Due the severing of our once great relationship I have had no choice put to put a temporary suspension on Lee Wong (Jonas) and Jack Mondays (Reebs). Both members refused to speak to me when I called upon them for a meeting and so they are facing the consequences. Madeline, the angel that she is, is exempt from this suspension and will continue to work for us until instructed otherwise.
Along with this I would like to introduce a new member to our family, Julian Norwood (Mintblackbeard). We have seen his work in the past and are overjoyed to have him with us. We are certain he will do well in future projects.

Just a reminder that Evogue should be coming out in a couple weeks time so don't forget to look out for that!

Many thanks,
[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
Bentley Productions Co-Owner
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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FROM: Lee Wong.
TO: Bentley Productions.
DATE: 16/02/17.

Hello Bentley Productions.

I Lee Wong have recently been treasent, and suspended temporaraly, i do not accept such behavior at all, and it shows the cowardness of Bentley Productions, nothing but another drama media, all their stories are false, i can confirm this, as a previous employee here.

They've recently written new articals which again is false, and i do not wish for it to be known, however it will probably be released anyhow, oh how sad, you even said it yourself, making the articals for the fame and money, ashamed you should be.

I was suspended from Bentley Productions for helping my prioritized corporation, Estleback, as of which i was busy helping the Citizens of Evocity, yet this corrupt act has been done towards me, and Bentley Productions is making up false and corrupt stories up to make a living, do not read these, their all false.

I do not wish to work for this ugly and corrupt orginazation, with all due respect, the stories are complete bullshit and trash, and made up.

One thing that i truly think you should be ashamed off, is your actress, Madeline, she is a complete failure to your company, and only causes drama like this.

I officially retire from Bentley Productions, and unlike your immature acts, i keep it real, and simple, using all these stupid nicknames won't help you at all.

Estleback Corporation is still my favorite, and will remain that way, your words mean nothing.

Good luck, you'll need it.
~Lee Wong.
[Image: H5wVLz1.gif]

Think i helped you out? rep me here!
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[Image: 2lly4C5.png]


Some of you may be aware of the rumour that certain 'accusations', voiced by the governance of the Estleback Corporation, have been made against the company 'Bentley Productions'. These claims are indeed false, as they are not accusations but instead the truth.

Prior to the events of 'The Great Debate', which took place on the 11th Feburary 2017, relations between our two organisations were strong, as both of our skill sets and objectives seemed to fit together in perfect harmony. Our objective at Estleback is to keep the citizens safe and to stand up against injustices, and the apparent objective of Bentley productions is to provide entertainment to the same population.

During this event, now our second partnership together, a member of Bentley productions, and host of the event, went on stage with a live shotgun and murdered a comedian 'for comedy effect'; this is the sort of injustice we strive to eradicate, and our presence as guardians was both supporting and protecting this chronic and sustained disregard of ethics. We did not have any prior indication that a planned stunt like this was going to occur, and all the paperwork and public information indicated this would be nothing more than a presidential debate, which in turn would decide the future of the city. They claim that the comedian in question is still alive, however the footage captured during the event clearly shows a different person being shot than who was sat in the hospital bed in the photo they gave us. On top of this, even if he is still alive, they have clearly given him great physical and psychological damage, and have made him hospital bound. This was unnecessary and will not doubt leave him with life-long medical problems.

[Image: Very-Basic-Paper-Clip-icon.png]
Attachment 3.4mb

Spoiler: Comedian.png
[Image: qft31Wy.png]

The governance of Estleback spontaneously voted to leave the venue, so we prepared a convoy and headed back to our boat. After a quick staff meeting, our Director, Anthony Valaris, contacted the leading staff of Bentley Productions, and organised a meeting with them at the outer BP. This was done to hyperbolise the severity of their actions, and to show them we were serious about our concerns.

After a brief chat, it was clear they did not share the same opinions as us, and tried to play it off as a joke. As a result, we announced to them that we will not be providing security for their next event. As I was walking away, my body-cam recorded Mr Bentley's assistant saying 'don't worry Mr Bentley, we will make an article to ruin their reputation'. It is here where their stance as an objective media company, interested only in entertainment to the masses, morphs into something more sinister and manipulative. Their villainous idea to frame us for a rational response to their wrongdoing escalates when they get in contact with other groups situated in Evocity.

[Image: Folders-Folder-icon.png]
Folder Bentley Productions 340mb
Spoiler: Folder Bentley Productions
Spoiler: ChatTranscript.mp3
Valaris: Do you know who we are? Do you know what we stand for?
Krissy Blake: You are... the members of the Estleback Corporation.
Valaris: Correct. We're here to put all citizens at safety. What you did back there was NOT ok.
Valaris: You killed a comedian. In display of everyone for entertainment. This is something we do not condone.
Mr Bentley: Bentley Productions was only affiliated with the event, and did not host it.
Krissy Blake: Are you talking about professor GoldChainZ and the wheelchair shooting? Yes, that had nothing to do with us. The Great Debate is a matter of government.
Steve Burwin: But you were the one who pulled the trigger.
Valaris: And as such you are associated to Bentley.
Krissy Blake: Yes, we lent some of our stars to the Great Debate.
Valaris: Prescisely.
Krissy Blake: They paid us as well. But I assure you, we had no idea that was going to happen.
Valaris: You are associated to the event. You pulled the trigger. Thus I rightfully drag your production company into this. That you killed of a comedian on stage?
ooc. Divey: It was Elenor Wright who shot, however Elenor does work with Bentley.
Valaris: It is not a matter of apology. It is a matter of action. I don't want to see that employee of yours anywhere in public eye infront of citizens.
Krissy Blake: It was for the sake of entertainment! I am sure GoldChainZ is fine!
Steve Burwin: GoldChains is dead.
Valaris: To kill a freaking comedian off?!
Krissy Blake: To be fair, he wasn't very talented. We have a much higher level of skill at Bentley Productions.
Mr Bentley: Natural selection.

Krissy Blake: Not that I condone it!
Valaris: So you killed off a comedian for entertainment purposes? And you stand here even as much as defending her actions.
Krissy Blake: Of course not!
Valaris: And you have the freaking GUT not to take this as serious as it is?
Krissy Blake: I am no murderer but the election is not our making!
Valaris: No, but the god damn killing was. Your god damn reaction to it is.
Krissy Blake: We don't actually know, it could have been staged. I can just phone up GoldChainZ's agent and ask them...
Burwin: All I know is the show has transitioned into a morgue.
Mr Bentley: In all fairness, he was a racist and sexist. By killing him off, I think we did the world a big favour.
Burwin: Trump is a racist and sexist, and he doesn't deserve to die.
Valaris: Your employee just had a entertainer killed off in front of the citizens. What would that say? Not from a host who is not an expert on the subject.
Mr Bentley: You too were working for the event, so I bid equally say to you, do you condone the killing of a comedian? I mean, why weren't you there to save him? Were you not briefed about the situation to start off with?
Krissy Blake: George... we can't afford to be rude to these men. They have too much power.
Valaris: Why do you think you're here? We've been good to you.
Mr Bentley: And we appreciate the work you have done for us in the past.
Krissy Blake: We don't want to go back to GollyHood.
Valaris: And we have been offering our services for free and out of respect we take you here.
Mr Bentley: Krissy, shut it.
Valaris: We don't want to put your employee in bad light, but this is out of line.
Krissy Blake: We would, of course like to continue having good relations with Estleback.
Valaris: Well, this is severely injuring it. I too want a healthy relationship.
Mr Bentley: Look, if it makes you feel any better, Bentley productions will fund his funeral, if that's what you want.
Krissy Blake: Sir, we don't condone murder at Bentley... It's all about show business to us. We only lent some of our starts to the great debate.
Valaris: I don't want people of this city to see horrid things like this to happen.
Krissy Blake: We didn't kill anyone, why do you pin on to us?
Mr Bentley: Are you going to just censor everything that happens in the real world? This wasn't some TV show that was faked, this is real life, how are we supposed to censorship that?
Krissy Blake: We were there, but you were there also!
Valaris: Nor do I want myself of the corporation be affiliated to a company that has employees that kills for entertainment. Are you accusing us?
Mr Bentley: You're accusing us, that's why we're here, aren't we?
Krissy Blake: Mr Valaris, you are misunderstanding!
Valaris: Because it was your employee, and your entertainer, I am going to put an end to this discussion. Obviously it is pointless as you are waving this off as a joke.
Mr Bentley: We're not laughing.
Valaris: It is what I am getting out of your reaction. I have called a cab for you.
Krissy Blake: I can't believe I ruined my shoes to be accused of such lies!
Mr Bentley: Bentley Productions was not informed about this...
Krissy Blake: It's alright Mr Bentley, we will make an article  that will ruin their reputation!

Spoiler: BentleyPlans.wmv

Spoiler: BentleyLetter.png
Dear, Mr. Camorro

We would like to inform you that the article on the Camorro family is well underway and we will forward you it before the release to get your seal of approval. Recently Bentley Productions decided to lend its help to the Presidential election, while the great debate was occuring. There we had an employee shoot at a comedian for comedy effect, this however did not go down well with the Estleback Corporation. What was once a strong bond has now shattered and we are left without security and this is a great concern to our well-being.

Under recent investigation by our Writers we have discovered that the the Deputy Director of this organisation is a man under the name of Steve Burwin, otherwise known as Steve Camorro. I have been told that this man used to work for your family and that he left shortly after the re-opening of Estleback. We believe Burwin and his fellow companions to be a bunch of traitors and nothing more than a cancer to EvoCity.

We have noticed your handiwork in taking out this so called 'Illuzion' and would greatly appreciate your help in securing our good name from these horrible, horrible people. Within the coming weeks we are going to stick to writing an article on Camorro and Estleback, however the later article is going to be filled with slander. We may not have the firepower but we certainly have other means, which brings me to my point. We would appreciate to have your protection under any circumstance that may occur. We have appreciated your loyalty to us thus far and we hope that this will never change.

Non abbiamo nulla ma il rispetto per te e il tuo popolo (We have nothing but respect for you and your people)

Best regards,
Mr. Bentley
Krissy Blake, XOXOXOXO
Co-Owners of Bentley Productions

This e-mail (the last file in the folder), sent to the Don of the Camorro Family, tells us a lot about Bentley Productions and their ethics. Not only have they admitted that the murder was intentional and done purely for laughs, but have also pledged to trick, manipulate and influence public opinion to incorrectly notify oblivious citizens about the 'horrible, horrible' corporation, through the production of a biased article 'slander'ing our operations.

Furthermore, as seen in the e-mail, attempts have been made to create artificial friction between the Estleback Corporation and the Camorro Family, which could've potentially resulted in war. Mentioned in the text is the 'Illuzion Corporation' ; Mr. Bentley is attempting to anchor their bad reputation onto the Estleback Corporation, to evoke the same emotions from the Don Camorro. This is again another form of psychological manipulation, and is strengthened when the request 'to have your protection under any circumstance' arises. All of this evidence points to a set up to get our two organisations to go to war, which is not only scummy, but also extremely low as a response to such a comparatively mild decision to no longer provide security services, which were otherwise free and not bound by contract.

Additionally, it also tells us that their writers lack proper investigative skills, as I, Steve Burwin, the 'cancer to Evocity', have never been, and probably never will be, affiliated internally with the Camorro Family.

This conflict was added to on the 16th February 2017. After routine Estleback Operations, one of our operatives failed to report in, despite the fact she had been working with us that same evening and her presence in Evocity was confirmed. This now former operative, known as Sparx, goes by the name 'Madeleine Lajoie' and holds the title of Miss Evocity 2017, which was given to her by Bentley Productions. After carrying out a surveillance operation to try and find this AWOL agent, she was spotted in Mr Bentley's office on top of the Bank. We sent an operative in to investigate and found that Mr Bentley and Lajoie were discussing the slandering article that is to be published on Estleback, specifically, some rather crude possible headlines for said text; I haven't seen them myself, but I am told they are excellent.

Furthermore, it is evident she still had internal loyalty conflicts, as she even admits to me that she tried to help Estleback despite working for Bentley. It is here we can also see that Bentley Productions has been playing both sides for fools; despite asking Camorro for help, they continue to prepare and produce media to try and ruin them. I have since reached out to the Don Camorro and Mr Wong, and it turns out this 'article' is nothing but fake news.

[Image: Folders-Folder-icon.png]
Folder LajoieBetrayal 1.6mb
Spoiler: Folder LajoBetrayal

Spoiler: LajoieBetrayal.png
[Image: 4aFoPLA.jpg]

Spoiler: LajoieMeeting.png
[Image: j3DYFIU.jpg]

Spoiler: LajoieBetrayalMessage1.png
[Image: MXVRKwO.png]

Spoiler: LajoieBetrayalMessage2.png
[Image: MAN9iNV.png]

This could've been settled in an adult manner, as we at the Estleback Corporation initially attempted , but your arrogance and thirst for dominance of the situation exacerbated within your emotions, thus leaving us with no choice but to tell the cold hard truth to the public, after your attempts to ruin us through industrial espionage surfaced in our knowledge domain.

I may have some breaking news for you Mr Bentley - you forgot the first rule of mass media: give the people what they want. No one wanted this.

'Be careful what you wish for'

[Image: 475911064043419231216.png]

Deputy Director of the Estleback Corporation
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What dastardly ploy is this? 
Professor Gold ChainZ is an entrepreneur on the field of Hip Hop and
a versatile businessman! How dare you mock him a "comedian"!
[Image: 51T5VDb.png]
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[Image: lHGmMAX.png]

Attention all Bentley members and affiliates.

Recently Bentley Productions has had a well known conflict with Estleback Corporation and this has led us down a dark path. When starting this company Krissy and I had a dream to let absolutely anyone have the opportunity to get onto the big screen and have not just their 5 minutes of fame, but for them to also have a great time. The first few months upon opening this company we had a great time, we enjoyed the possibilities of new shows and new different forms of media we were able to publish to the world and overall we were just excited. 
I would say the best trait of our company is the fact that we give you quality, our quantity may lack in comparison to some other companies, however we like to take our time to create top end videos and other media for the people of EvoCity. Not only this but we simply need to take time off sometime in order to let our creative energy build up again.
With this being said I am afraid to say that we are officially closing down Bentley Productions and lying it to rest. We will not be selling this company as for one we do not wish to see our baby be in someone else's arms but also because we believe the name to be a taint in our lives and we would rather have it fade from our memory.
Krissy and I would like to personally thank every single member of our company, from present to past. We have appreciated you being by our side every step of the way and we feel sorry for those of you who never had your time in the spotlight however are we most certain you will have your opportunity in the future.

Attached to this is some snippets from Evogue, our magazine which we were aiming to release at the end of this month, due to Bentley shutting down we wish for it to be public for anyone to see.

Spoiler :
[Image: mjsBG3g.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: kCUzKMS.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: o5iVByb.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: INGvhRP.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: eWYBpN5.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: DnDDAkI.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: w6tUvTQ.png]


Thanks to everyone who has been apart of Bentley, Lesanka and I couldn't have made it possible without you. It was really nice to see you guys come alive in the shows we have done and we were so happy to see you guys adapting really well to the roles we have given you guys.
Obviously it is public knowledge that we have had a recent fallout with Estleback Corporation, which to our understanding and the head of Estleback it was all good fun and games. Recently we have noticed that some people have taken this drama to heart (out of character wise), which was not our intention at all and so we feel that it is best to stop now in case of any actual drama.
We would also like to thank everyone who has made our role plays more exciting, Horseman being one, for allowing us to help in his event, everyone who participated in our Miss Evocity event and also to the Estleback Corporation, for ensuring that our events went minge free.
Our main goal was really to let as many people as possible to have the opportunity to have some fun passiverp and to document it, this however hasn't been possible as the drama with Estleback has made it so people have had to retire from either one of our groups/clans and this has upset his greatly, but we must take responsibility for it also and we should have known this would have had consequences such as this.
It seems there has been a series of misunderstandings, the main one being that Bentley wants to take Camorro and Estleback to war. Neither Lesanka and I want this to happen at all despite popular belief and so to take ourselves away from this shutting down Bentley would be the best option.
This, alongside the recent changes in groups means that it's a possibility in the future that anyone who is in a clan already has to choose between us and their current standing clan and we really don't want to have to force their hand like that at all.

For one last time,

Thank you

[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
Bentley Productions Co-Owner
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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