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[CLOSED] Bentley Productions
[Image: lHGmMAX.png]
We are a multimedia corporation based in Evocity. You can find the list of our productions and information about employment below.
[Image: Mh72hY1.png]
[Image: 2i1ghNO.png]        [Image: 80vePMg.png]        [Image: FpTE897.png]
Evo 1 News is our informative news broadcast. It includes the weather report and curiosities in Evocity. Evo 1 News Thread.
Suffocated by Stuff is our reality program about the dangers of hoarding and the effect on it’s sufferers. Hoarder Thread.
Evocity Wife Swap is our newest production. Two ordinary families swap their maternal figures for a week. Wife Swap Thread.
[Image: 9XN3Add.png]
[Image: CWB2e5g.png]     [Image: VZbzM6V.png]      [Image: s7vQs35.png]

Evogue is our upcoming fashion and lifestyle magazine. Starting this February.
Miss Evocity is an annual beauty pageant where one lucky lady wins the crown and a million dollars. Miss Evocity 2017 is coming in mid-January.
Miss Evocity competition threads: 2017 2016 2015
Bentley Photo Studio is located on Evocity’s Top Street. We take photographs of special occasions as well as fashion/editorial photo shoots.
If you would like to find out more, please visit the separate thread for Bentley Photo Studio here: Bentley Photo Studio
If you would like to make a special request for a photograph, contact Krissy Blake. (Lesanka)
[Image: Bc1vrXO.png]
[Image: 3XvoFPL.png] [Image: EL379jb.png] [Image: WFyc71h.png] [Image: lVVZlqx.png]
[Image: 6nZhi7m.png] [Image: bKfXqqb.png] [Image: eUulcs1.png] [Image: k2RkijX.png]
Not yet pictured: 
Jamie Hyneman (Elad) - Actor
Madeleine Gerin Lajoie (Sparx) - Actor
Aaron Burr (Phantom) - Singer/Actor
Thomas O'Connor (Tomo) - Musician/Music Producer
Alexey Kraev (Atlas) - Supporting Actor
Mia Elizabeth Finch (Ratatoskr) - Actor
Zeke Harbury (tawxen) - Singer
Sergeant Wong (Bob Bobbington) - Actor
Kimball Blake (KimmyPanda) - Singer/Writer
[Image: IAzRBjX.png]
Actors - For commercials, movies, reality TV, theater. Audition required!
Singers/Musicians - Applications CLOSED.
Writers - Magazine articles, newspaper reports.
Photographers - Applications CLOSED.
If you'd like to work with us, you may post in this thread or contact Mr. Bentley (Divey) or Krissy Blake (Lesanka) directly.
[Image: 792LWXp.png]
Video Spot - You will be featured in one of our Evo 1 shows. Price depends on length and difficulty.
Sponsor - If you choose to sponsor one of our productions, we will always mention you at the beginning of the program.
Magazine/Newspaper Advertisement - Be featured in February's issue of Evogue! Contact us now.
If you'd like to advertise with us, you may post in this thread or contact Mr. Bentley (Divey) or Krissy Blake (Lesanka) directly.
[Image: ILgV0BH.png]
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Hello my name is Sam Lint, I am a local photographer and I would love to work for you. I have understanding on how to edit my photographs and how to work well which models. I am very hard working an always up for a challenge.

If you have any work available i would love for you to get back to me.

Regards Sam Lint.
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Dear Executives of Bentley Productions,

I am interested in running a new show on your broadcasting. The show is a short 2 minute filler to put in between shows if there is time. My colleague and myself can act in this so there will be no need of any further resources. To give a preview the show is to be called "Quick ways to get rid of unwanted babies" and will be a great addition to Bentley Productions. For any further information on the details of the show please contact me.

Bob Bobbington and Alysha Millhouse
[Image: WtJ_PvGz_normal.jpg] <<< +Rep this guy they are very cool.
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Dear, applicants.

A vital part of the application process is by presenting us with an example of your work, this allows us to consider what level of expertise you have in a particular field. If you would like to apply please present this either on your application or in a private message, so that we can consider you. I wish you the best of luck!

Many thanks,

[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
CEO of Bentley Productions
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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Hello, my name is Alexey Kraev. I'm basically a highly expierenced and talented engineer, but I really like trying something new and completely different.
I would like to try some roles as a supporting actor or take part of crowd scene maybe.
Hope to get reply from you.

Regards Alexey Kraev.
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[Image: rYXjG7J.png]
After careful selection, Krissy and I have decided to accept the following people into our company:
Mr. Grimes - Photographer (Random)
Mr. Lint - Photographer (Coffee)
Mr Kraev - Actor (Atlas)
Mr. Amorose - Actor (K a h j o)
Mrs. Finch - Actor (Rat)
We would also like to announce that the applications for photography have now been closed. We have been thoroughly impressed with the pictures we have received and we believe we have more than enough talent to run this section with the staff we currently have. Any updates on this will be posted here.
The new staff members will have their head shots taken and displayed on this thread soon.
If your application was not accepted, please feel free to message me personally in order to get feedback.
Just a reminder that we are still accepting: Actors | Singers/Musicians | Writers
Please note that after applying, if you are fortunate to be given a position in our company you are not inclined to accept every job that comes your way, you are entitled to say yes or no to the opportunities thrown your way.
Thank you to everyone who applied and you can expect to hear of us in the near-future!
Many Thanks,
[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
CEO of Bentley Productions
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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*posting on behalf of blade*
I would love to be an actor but I h8 using my mic as I sound like a robot
[Image: bWzhuUU.gif]
Dear Mr.Bentley,
I am a infamous actor in my local area. I am writing to say that I am interested in a job in the acting sector.

Jamie Hyneman(ELADDD)
[Image: jqC25Xr.png]
Thank you Envy
id love to be hired as a singer
for examples of my work please look in this spoiler

sebastian leon
proffesional singer
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[Image: rYXjG7J.png]
Greetings everyone.
We hope you all have had a very merry Christmas and with 2017 just down the corner we are excited of what the new year will bring to us.
You may have noticed that there have been several new media companies open around the Evo area and we would just like to reassure everyone who's apart of the Bentley Family that there is absolutely nothing to fear from them, they are no threat whatsoever. However alongside this we do not want to see any of your work make it's way over to them. If you are caught aiding these other companies then you will be directed straight to me. So with that, if you are not happy with this then you know your way to the door.
We would also like to announce that we are loosing a member of our family, this person being Mr. Amorose (Kahjo). In recent days we have noticed that his attitude has been completely negative and as a member of our family whom represents us in every action then we can have not have like toxic attitude come back to us, as we are trying to maintain our friendly and welcoming ethos.
In positive news we have decided to accept Mr. Jamie Hyneman (ELADDD) and Mr. Macca Penmark (Blade) into the position of Actor, we are sure they will do an amazing job in this role.
Just a reminder that we are still looking for capable Actors, Singers/Musicians and Writers to join us. Please spread the word and we would love for our current members to help us in the recruitment process, either by bringing someone to our attention or influencing one of your friends to join our company.
Many thanks,
[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
CEO of Bentley Productions
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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