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British public back a ban on burka
A majority of the British public are in favour of banning the burka in public, a poll has found, while almost half say the burkini should be prohibited.  
The findings come as a controversial ban on the burkini in France has stirred debate on the subject of Muslim clothing. 
Although the country's highest administrative court overturned the ban on the Islamic swimsuit on Friday, mayors have vowed to defy the ruling.
The issue has been widely debated in Britain ever since France became the first European country to ban the burqa - the  Islamic full-face veil - in 2011. 
According to the YouGov survey, 57% of respondents in the UK supported banning the veil in public places, while 25% were against outlawing it.

In all honesty, the burkini looks so weird and unfashionable.
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One small step for man, but a big step for europe
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It should be banned, it is not a religious requirement. It is only one to cover up the hair. It looks Shady, ugly and in my opinion gives a bad name for Muslims I mean the purpose used to be for women to blend in or something a long time ago... Nowadays someone walks around in one in Europe and they stick out like a sore thumb. You know it should be banned when even a Muslim think's they're Shady AF.
Of course I have to chip in.

It should not be banned under any circumstances. The burka is an Islamic tradition and is for the most part, up to the woman on whether or not she wants to wear it (There are of course a few exceptions of those who would force their wives/daughters to wear them.). People use the argument that 'If we were going into an Islamic holy place it is required to wear something on your head, well yes that is true, however that is their tradition and we should respect that, since when was it a tradition to not wear something on your head in Britain? I completely understand that people argue that the burka should be taken off when proceeding with safety measures, i.e at an airport, but I still believe under these circumstances they should still be entitled to wear it, they aren't covering their entire face as they have their eyes and a part of their nose bridge showing, yes this will make it harder to identify them but that's all up to amount of work the security personnel puts into it. Under no circumstances am I calling anyone who is calling for a ban on the burka racist, I am simply trying to inform people on my opinion and if I do see a ban on the burka in Britain, like it is in France, I will be extremely disappointed.
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Load of shit, I don't remember taking part in any surveybetc.

So it's not that black and white. No one should be forced what to wear or what not to.
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(09-02-2016, 08:15 PM)Cunty Mcuntface Wrote: Load of shit, I don't remember taking part in any surveybetc.

You don't have to. A smaller sample size than one might think is usually quite representative of general opinion.

I'm fairly in favour of banning the burqa which covers all facial features - less so for the niqab which allows the eyes and more of the face to be visible and definitely would not support banning the hijab.
If we're going to act retarded and ban shit like this can we atleast ban speedos, mankinis, etc..?
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(09-05-2016, 12:42 PM)Agorith Wrote: If we're going to act retarded and ban shit like this can we atleast ban speedos, mankinis, etc..?

You really are freaking clueless, aren't you?
How the fuck can you compare a burka to a mankini? You legit make no sense
I'm sorry, but no one's acting retarded except for you, there's no logic in your post and you should honestly reconsider what you wrote
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