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Thailand Bombed...
(08-12-2016, 04:09 AM)Zambie Wrote:

Seven-ish hours ago, Thailand was bombed. 

In a resort known as 'Hua Hin', two bombs were hidden in two different pots spaced about 50m away from each other and detonated within half an hour of each other.

One woman died and 19 others wounded.

Bombing happened 1 day after my holiday ended, scary thing is that where i (And my family) was staying was only a couple of miles away from the bombing.. lucky ;-;

I hope there wont be any more bombings or killings this year but it seems unlikely
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(08-12-2016, 09:47 AM)MegaOmega Wrote: Ah shit. I'm going to Thailand next week.
Although it's happened now so it's unlucky to happen again so recently.

It's unlucky to happen again?
You are supposed to be native Englando.
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