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Thailand Bombed...

Seven-ish hours ago, Thailand was bombed. 

In a resort known as 'Hua Hin', two bombs were hidden in two different pots spaced about 50m away from each other and detonated within half an hour of each other.

One woman died and 19 others wounded.
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My Godness.

[Image: nPIuC4X.jpg]
Another deplorable terrorist act Sad
[Image: giphy.gif]

DISCLAIMER: No actual Captain Barry’s were hurt in the production of this Gif.

Lets not try to act surprised anymore when something like this happens. It happens everyday.
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Sad My thought is with everyone in Thailand

Ah shit. I'm going to Thailand next week.
Although it's happened now so it's unlucky to happen again so recently.
This is another moment were I would say "Welcome to 2016"
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+rep me here
Truly a shame, but resembles the time we live in unfortunately. Thailand is an amazing country, I wouldn't worry too much MegaOmega, just be vigilant (as in the norm now worldwide.) People who just want to live peacefully ultimately are affected the most.
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But who bombs a warm place? And why he do that?

[Image: nPIuC4X.jpg]
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