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The Collective
[Image: thecollective_by_hawkview-daakc98.png]

The Collective are a organisation of groups and clans who wish to create a unified Evocity.

Primary Podium: 1/1 (SirMinus)
Secondary Podium: 1/1 (Mr.Ranger)
Tertiary Podium: 1/1 (Lord of the silver rings)

Heads: 1/[Image: c26c105004f30c27aa7c2a9c601550a4183b1f21] 

Clans: 1/[Image: c26c105004f30c27aa7c2a9c601550a4183b1f21]

-Payday: Rebirth
-Shadow Wolf Corporation

Flag / Symbol of Unity
[Image: 2000px-Maltese_cross.svg.png]
This is the Maltese Cross, a symbol which has represent some of the most powerful militaries and organisations throughout history (Knights Templar, the Church). We use this symbol to identify other members of The Collective order. If you are a member of The Collective please add this symbol to your clan thread or on your constructions in the live server to let others identify you.

Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Clan Name:
Clan Page (if you have one):
What you could bring to The Collective:

If you wish to contact one of the podiums of The Collective you can contact us through steam/

Notable work
-We've killed multiple dictators and presidents.
-Made 400,000k all together aided presidents and dictators.
-Robbed 23 different stores in a week.
-Grown and sold near 400 bags of weed.
-Mugged 10-20 people.

This page will be updated in future.
Signed, Shlomo Goldberg.

[Image: killroysig2_by_hawkview-dccbxtp.gif]

"2.  Should you buy a Hebrew slave, he shall work [for] six years, and in the seventh [year], he shall go out to freedom without charge."

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  • Mr.Ranger
I am gonna apply when i get acdes to my pc.
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[Image: thecollective_by_hawkview-daakc98.png]
As you may already know our main clan Shadow Wolf Corporation is in the process of being rebooted and with this we must close our alliances, The Collective leaves knowing that we made a difference in Evocity and we hope one day to return. We apologize to the clans that are within our ranks. With the closing of The Collective we wish you luck in finding new alliances. 

Regards, Viktor Dishkov
Collective - Secondary Podium. 
Closed on request.

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