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Regarding "Shit posting"
Hey everyone,

So as you are all aware, the off-topic section has recently been flooded with these so called "shit posts", these are threads with no form of content whatsoever, purely created to mess around.

While the off-topic section is made for threads that do not fit in any other section of the forums, it is not here to simply spam. Creating a thread just to have a laugh is alright aslong as it has some sort of content in it, for example, a funny Youtube video, however if it only has several words in it or a misleading title it is not okay.

From now on creating these so called "shit posts" is not allowed anymore, use off-topic the way it was intended to be used. This thread is not made to create a discussion, it has been made to inform you of this change. Ignoring this thread will lead to your thread being closed and the creator receiving a warning.
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