Nomination of the Shittiest Poster of Fearless!
Hello, off-topicers, Fearlessians, Roleplayers and shitposters!

I believe that it is time we find the one, the only, the biggest shitposter of all time.
In this thread, we're gonna be nominating people, so if you think YOU know/are the biggest shitposter of Fearless, please write in this thread (if you're nominating someone else, write their name).

On either the next Saturday or Sunday, I will submit a thread where you can vote for the most shitty poster.

Good shitting!

List last updated: 22-06, 7:34 GMT+1

Spoiler: Nominations
  • Lord of the Silverrings
  • Dreebott
  • sebasti161
  • Dan Dan
  • Greed^
  • Jan

yes i am tired and bored
Is offtopic like /b/ now or something?
also yeah lord of the rings is my favorite trilogy
that's my hint to who i nominate
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Make a Poll and add me, and others and lets VOTE!
in recent times probably sebasti
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no one cares
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This thread itself is a shitpost.
(06-19-2016, 08:44 PM)Joulle Wrote: This thread itself is a shitpost.

I could write that in every off topic post thread though. Off topic is a collective shit post in itself. 
At least sometimes we can go with the fun, the problem with some of the threads is that they literately don't make sense and are pretty cancer.
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I vote for everyone who posts in off topic because they are pretty much all shitposts xDDD

señor de los anillos de plata
shitposter a nivel subatómico

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