My return. (sadly.)
Hello there, it's Cookiro. I have returned to Fearless RP, having had left with a bad reputation, everybody hated me for being the minge I was, however, I had changed. You don't have to believe this statement, as you will see sooner or later. I have returned as my exams are finally over. I will now focus more on PassiveRP rather than AggressiveRP due to all the updates being added in. I have also returned as my new PC is capable of running V4B1 at a steady rate, instead of it running like it used to run at an average of 10fps. I have had also improved my building skill because of many people helping me. See you all on the servers in three days (ban expires.)
I belive in second chances. (Though I haven't seen you before)

Welcome back! Hopefully the exams turned out good.

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Welcome back!
Welcome back mate!

Everybody changes! I cant wait too see you in here!
Welcome back! I truely believe that you might have change. If anyone says otherwise, prove em wrong.
Welcome back!

I believe in second chances, and I think that you are worthy of one.

See you on the servers!

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why did this have to happen Sad

"welcome back to fearless"
People are more forgiving than you might think.
Glad to hear you've changed. Welcome back.
Kind Regards,

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Welcome back!

And don't just limit yourself to passive RP, I'm sure if you just refresh on the rules you'll be a great aggressive RPer too!
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