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Clan Interaction Rules [UPDATED MAY 30TH]
General Interaction and Warfare

General interaction is what most clan on clan contact consists of. This is everything from meetings, trades, deals, alliances, partnerships, and so on. Clans are free to interact in anyway with each other that doesn't break the rules in this document and the server rules. All general interaction is fluid, and sides can and will change, traitors and spies will be a problem, and you always have to be on the look out for possible enemies, or competition interfering with your line of work.

General warfare is any interaction that involves hostilities above just threats. This can involve anything from guerrilla warfare, fortified bases outside the city, shutting down enemy businesses, and more. All fighting must follow server rules, as per usual, and there must be valid reasons for an attack.

Newly Founded Clans
Clans that have existed for less than three weeks shall not be harassed or attacked in any way from another clan. However, this protection will be invalidated if the newly founded clan demonstrates unprovoked aggressive actions, ranging from large threats to gunfire. Any violation of this will be looked into and may result in the probation or, in extreme cases, closure of the offending clan.

Closed Clans
Clans that lose the final battle will, if the winning clan chooses, be closed forever. Owners and those in leadership positions will not be allowed to create or join a clan for 3 months after the closing date. A player will be considered a leader, even if they leave the clan, for up to two weeks before the closing date. The clan officers will interpret who are considered leaders before the final battle, or at the time of surrender.

Official Warfare
An official war must have an official declaration and approval from the current clan officers, as well as non-revocable consent from all participating clans. Official warfare is designed so that when two clans want each other to end operations, they may engage in combat and decide their fate. Alliances do not necessarily have to be declared, and pacts can be broken. An official war is different than general clan warfare and interaction because the outcome of the war results in the victor deciding the fate of the opposing clans. This includes surrendering prior to a final battle. Since official warfare must have approval from the participating clans, it is assumed that they will be interested in a final battle. The clans must negotiate the date and have it approved by the clan officers so that the event server can be reserved and ready.

Final End-War Battles
The clans can come up with their own victory conditions for the final battle, within reason. This final battle would then follow its own set of rules, determined by both sides and the clan officers. The winner gets to decide the fate of the losing clan.

Alliances can take part, but they have to be declared for this battle and risk the full effects of the victor's decision. However, they only have to declare their participation. They are freely allowed to change side or back-stab a clan in this final battle, i.e. they can say "We'll fight for clan 1", and then back-stab clan 1, allowing clan 2 and the allied clan to win. Choose your friends wisely.
The following conditions must be met before:
  • There must have been at least one week of official warfare.
  • The end-game battle must be declared on the forums.
  • All clans participating in the end-game battle must have been involved in the war for at least one week.
Clans may not recruit new members from the time official warfare has been declared up until a victor has been declared. A list of current clan members steam ids must be given to the clan officers at the end of the meeting that determines the rules and date for the final battle. These players will have their status as clan members verified. Anyone who isn't on that list during the final battle will be kicked from the server without notice.
The actual base rules etc. for an end-game battle can be discussed by the participating clans and the overseeing clan officers. Please note that only clans that fit the above criteria may participate; individuals or mercenaries not in applicable clans may not participate.

A word of advice: Have the bases you plan on using during the final battle reviewed by multiple administrators to ensure that your base doesn't break any rules, and isn't a doom-fort. Since the definition varies slightly between administrators, a base that is approved by multiple has the least chance of being modified unexpectedly during the war. If your base is found to have doom-fort aspects, those aspects will be removed at that moment. There will be no pause for you to rebuild.
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