The one and only TIERS thread
It is time we sorted our games into their correct tier, visible by all, allow me to start. With enough opinion I'll edit the main thread to contain the correct tiers.

The best the best the best the best the best the best
Deus Ex
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
F.E.A.R 1
Metro 2033
System Shock 2

Raptor Jesus God Tier
Black Mesa
Dead Space
Fallout: New Vegas
Half-Life 2
Mass Effect 2
Nightmare House 2 (mod)
Portal 2

Standard God Tier
Crysis Warhead
Dead Space 2
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Fallout 3
Half-Life: Opposing Force
Half-Life 2: Episode 2
Mass Effect
The Ultimate DOOM

Generally pretty awesome Tier
Assassin's Creed II
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
F.E.A.R 2
Half-Life: Blue Shift
Half-Life: Death Match
Half-Life 2: Death Match
Half-Life 2: Episode 1
Just Cause 2
Left 4 Dead
Mirror's Edge
Zombie Panic: Source (mod)

It's alright, pretty fun Tier
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Bioshock 2
DiRT 2
From Dust
Left 4 Dead 2
Team Fortress 2

Not really that good Tier
Assassin's Creed
Counter-Strike: Source
Crysis 2
Killing Floor
Super Meat Boy

Not really that good AT ALL Tier
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Sims franchise

Kill it with fire and harpoons Tier
CoD: Modern Warfare 2
CoD: Black Ops
CoD: Modern Rehash 2.1
F.3.A.R (What the f*ck naming system?)
Twin Sector
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Dead Space 2 is boring.

Where the hell is Oblivion?! Should be rated best tier.

And why the damn is Crysis 1 below Warhead? Warhead is much less tactics and more run n gun. Like any other shooter .
where is other elder scrolls Sad?
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Where is dead island
Where is GMOD?!?!?!
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Like srsly?

Where is any of the Grand Theft Auto series? :O

No Saint's Row Either? Jzzz.

Besides that, Awesome Thread. Cheese
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Dead Space 2 is amazing fun, decent story too.
Oblivion is a lot of fun too, but full of bugs.. Looking at you AI. Hence it dropped a spot.
Warhead has a way better antagonist. A pessimistic Brit, I love him. "I'm British, you muppet". Also the action in Crysis gets a little boring, and Warhead DOES have a lot of tactical choices.
Haven't played Dead Island.
Gmod doesn't need a place, we all play it anyway.
Haven't played much GTA or SR.
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Metal Gear Solid 4 should be in the Raptor Jesus God Tier, or just make another tier for one of the best games in the universe (well, MGS 1-2 are great as well:p they should be in the same tier as well)
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Once again, haven't played it.. If enough people vote for a place I'll edit it in. Same applies to all other games.
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(10-07-2011, 03:36 PM)Faustie Wrote: Haven't played much GTA or SR.

The graphics in GTA 4 is like the most amazing u will ever see.

Saints row i just so incredible ridiculous(Spells?) that it is fun, laughing your ass off dressed like a giant Hotdog trowing around with people using am"pimp slap" (Giant hand wich is insane powerfull xD) It is amazing. XD

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