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[Unofficial] The Crimson Order
---------- OOC Information ----------

Steam Name: Centurion

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59563366

What is your RPP count? 7

What timezone are you currently in? GMT+1

What is your current amount of bans? 0

Current hours on the server? 981 and climbing.

Do you have a microphone and teamspeak? I do.

---------- In Character Information ----------

Full Name: Sergai 'Centurino' Varkov

Background information of your character: Sergai 'Centurion' Varkov... Where to start?

Born and raised in Moscow by an his mentally ill mother. His father had left before he had been born, and his mother soon became a slave to those who wanted an evening's 'entertainment'. Until the age of 10 Sergai was constantly attacked, abused, chewed up and spat out. As Sergai reached his 12th birthday it dawned on him. After yearts of watching the goons around him and despising their every move he clicked. Taking a kitchen knife into his mothers room, watching his own parent being used, he plunged a knife into the spine of his enemy. He soon became addicted to what the felt that night.


It was not long before Sergai began to make the Varkov name heard. An child of only age 15, he was. 15, and rising from the depths of the underground mob. By the time Sergai was 18 he had assassinated, corrupted or befriended all those who stood in the way of his path to power and as he became an adult he could look back at how he had acquired his empire. Of the two friends he had, one soon passed away in an operation. Drug bust. What could Sergai do? Run in and lose what he had worked so hard for? No. He saw the method in his madness. His friend, however, did not. Returning home one night, Sergai found what he had dreaded since birth. His mother nailed to a cross, raped, beaten, killed. Sergai lost his world in moment.


That's when it happened. At the age of 18 he walked away from it all. His fortunes had come to nothing, his power had come to nothing, his wives had come to nothing. His trust had cost him everything. For the next 10 years Sergai lived alone. He rarely left home, he rarely age well and he never made friends. Silence from his 'friend' and his empire crumbled until being taken over by the very friend who cost him the world. Darkness seemed to fall as Sergai had no way to carry out his revenge, his suspect was a ghost. However, at the age of 30, hope. When watching the news one eveing and drinking himself to sleep as usual, he saw a ghost. His friend's face on the news, and his last location. He knew it was his chance. He had his weapons, his ammunition, he equipment. All he needed, was a team.

Why do you want to join the Crimson Order? In need of brothers. Men to stand by my side, watch my back and lead me to victory.

What will you bring to the Crimson Order? I offer the Crimson order a mad drunkard with a passion for killing. Supplied with my own weapons and ammunition, a high skill set and bad temper, I am a formidable enemy to our opposition.

---------- Additional Information ----------

Are you self sufficient(don't need other players to give you ammo etc mid raid)? Very.

State all the keybinds you have (e.g Rifle ammo, Health kits)? I have key binds for: Medkits, Healing Injections, Rifle Ammunition, Kevlar, AK-47, Steroids and a knife.

Clan(s) you have recently belonged to: Denino.

Reason for leaving these clan(s)? Shutdown.

You will be expected to follow orders, are you capable of this? I will follow orders to the letter, despite danger or risk of certain death.
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Re-opened upon request.
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Boys are back in town.
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