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Fearless Staff Report

If you have seen a staff of Fearless, be it the trial admin or supervising administrator, break the rules of the community or abused the powers entrusted with him/her, then we encourage you to make a staff report. However it is important to distinguish abuse and rule breakage. Matters that are not considered abuse is listed below. Please make sure your report case does not involve any of these, and if so motivate it with a strong argument as to why you had to post it regardless (exceptions of this policy is marked with a *).

If it's regarding the performance of a staff member and not a matter of accusations, please send a message to a or several Supervising Administrator(s) or the Owner through PM on the forums.

Example points that are not abuse:
  • Punishing you in various forms, even if you don't like the reason.*
  • Applying god mode to themself, even in a raid this may be needed for admin duties.
  • Noclipping/teleporting away from RP in event of an admin situation.
  • Not responding to your @ messages immediately.
    • Admins may be busy or unable to respond or already checking logs but just haven't informed you yet.
  • Removing your props. 
    • Sometimes this is necessary in order to keep you in line with the rules.  Even if they remove a base in the middle of the raid, while it is a somewhat harsh move and he should remove all aggressors first, it is your fault for creating a doombase.
  • Refunding with a valid reason, either himself or others.
  • Muting someone in OOC.
The list goes on, but these are common complaints, and you should use common sense when making an admin abuse thread. Certain guidelines as to what is abuse are these,

Example points that are abuse:
  • Using admin powers to RDM, i.e. godmoding and firing RPGs at people.
  • Using noclip or teleport to help some friends in a raid.
  • Demotes someone solely in order to claim the job.
  • Using noclip or teleport to avoid RP situations (unless admin situation).
  • Bypassing arrest mechanism (unless admin situation).
  • Unfairly refunding himself free items for no reason.
  • Abuse of admin powers against people, i.e. random !slay, !ignite
  • Using godmode/heal during a raid solely to give himself a fighting advantages
  • Teleporting his friends into an active raid in order to help out
  • Using admin tools and constructs for an unfair agressive advantage unless previously agreed upon by all parties involved for an RP situation.
  • Breaking rules himself solely because he is an admin
  • Messing around, for example killing other admins as well as users with administrator tool or punishment commands for the fun of it, etc.
  • Going against guidelines, i.e prop limit requirements (some leniency acceptable).

Staff Report Policies:
  • First and foremost, remember to use the template. Disregard of this will result in closure of the report thread by appointed staff member.
  • Ranks that are to be reported in this section are; Owner, Supervising Administrator, Administrator, Trial Admin. All other rank reports are to be reported in the Punishment Request section of the Courthouse.
  • You may only post in the thread if you are; the accusing user, a specifically involved user in said event or have other crucial information in regards to the report at hand.
    • Stating your opinion does not make you involved nor have crucial information, use common sense.
    • Being merely present during the events described by accused user does not give you the privilege to post. Only post if you have supporting facts to either discussing party of the report.
    • Disregard of this will result in a warning.
  • Administrators may not close nor conclude a staff report, only Supervising Administrators or the Owner himself may do so.
    • A supervising administrator may not close its own staff report, only a secondary SA or the Owner can do it.
  • Admins will be required to respond to Admin Abuse reports on themselves before a conclusion is reached. An SA may conclude an AA prior to this if the outcome of the case is obvious.
  • Always provide evidence of the situation you are reporting the staff member of.
  • Any manipulation of the evidence or truth will be resulting in a significant punishment, users and staff members alike.
  • Any personal ambush will be resulting in a warning. Keep it formal.
  • Involved Administrators may not censor un-involved users posts nor give warnings, only other non-involved administrators may do so.
  • Failure to follow these policies makes you a subject of punishment.

Template for Staff Report

This is the staff report template which you must fill in adequately. Failure to follow this will result in immediate closure by appropriate staff.


[b]Accused Staff Member:[/b]

[b]Involved Users:[/b]
[*] -
[b]Time/Date/Time Zone:[/b]

[b]Abuse of Power or Rule Infringement:[/b]

[b]Evidence and Explanation:[/b]

Spoiler: Example of Use
Username: Floodify

Accused Staff Member: SoulRipper

Involved Users:
  • Nudelholz
  • Adman
Time/Date/Time Zone: 28th of April, 8:34 pm - GMT + 2

Abuse of Power or Rule Infringement: Abuse of Power

Evidence and Explanation: -
Updated 2017-04-28:

Refreshed the page. PR's on mentioned staff ranks in this thread now goes in this section, rather than in the Punishment Request section of the Courthouse. Updated policies. Updated Template and added Example.
Kind Regards,

- Admins will also now be required to comment on the AAs before it is concluded. An SA may conclude an AA prior to this if the outcome of the case is obvious.
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