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Los Angeles & Chicago/San Francisco - Recommendations?

A friend of mine and I are going to travel to USA for two weeks this October. We will be flying from Kastrup to Los Angeles and travel home the same route, but of course, reversed.  We thought of going to another city, flying from LAX. However, there are two choices that we have right now and one seem a tad cheaper to choose. It's either San Fransisco or Chicago. Flying to and from Chicago (from LAX) costs about $100, whilst a flight to San Fransisco and back costs about $140.

As we've understood, Chicago is more of an "American" city, whilst San Fransisco is more European. I do would like to visit a big city, preferably New York - but that's out of our budget right now, hence why Chicago would most likely be a good choice. And of course there's some nice places to visit there from certain movies. However, it feels like San Fransisco has more of a.. hmm.. culture, if you'd like. Alcatraz.. the steep roads.. the golden gate bridge.. you know what I'm talking about.

So what would you choose and why? It would be lovely as well if you could make a list of activities that you have to do whilst in Los Angeles and Chicago/San Fransisco.

Kind Regards,
Personally, I would choose San Francisco.
It's full of great culture, not to mention the boardwalks in Santa Monica.
You have the Golden Gate Bridge, You can shop in Union Square, Great nightlife.

Not that chicago has none of this, they're both great for their own reasons.

I would choose SF.
*redacted bc i was immature at 15 lol*
I've never been to San Francisco so I can't really compare the two but I just spent a week in Chicago about a month ago and it was really fun. If you're into museums the Chicago Field Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago are some good stops that you could easily spend a day at. The Navy Pier is also a interesting stop, pretty sure you could get a ferry tour around Chicago and through the city since the Chicago River runs right through. Also to save some money you can stay about 20-30 minutes outside the city at a small town like Westmont or Clarendon Hills (Westmont would be cheaper) and just take the train in and out of town as it stops right at Union Station and puts you right into downtown.

Either way they're two awesome places to visit.
Chicago is a dump. If you want to come down to the good ol bay area, there's a lot to do for two weeks vacation. San Francisco can easily take up a week of your time if you spread things out enough, and the other week can be spent going to other bay area locations, such as Mt Diablo, or hiking. We have a LOT of good hiking/biking trails down here.

I can easily spend an entire day, or two even, at Pier 39.

LA is too big for me, and honestly it's too dangerous for my taste. Not getting into that though. San Francisco is actually very small and compact. Everything is literally within walking distance if you really want to walk around all day, but gridlock traffic in a few areas where you may find yourself walking might deter you from that. You can rent a bike and take scenic routes which are always cool.

Here's some stuff I've done over the last 21 years.

Recommendations: Presidio, Pier 39, Ripley museum, Aquarium, Coit tower (love this one), Golden Gate walk, Alcatraz (love this one too.), visit the ball parks, Lombard street (amazing), the palace of fine arts (absolute favorite thing on this list), Fishermans wharf, Union Square, Chinatown, and the one nobody can forget, CABLE CARS. 

And that's just in San Francisco. Go to the Oakland zoo, I perfer it over San Fran. Other than that though there's a lot of stuff outside:

Recommendations: Angel Island, Napa Valley (moreso for drinking so I guess it's out of your league.), Hiller aviation, Mt. Diablo, go watch a quakes game, SIX FLAGS (a ton of good rollercoasters I believe TOP Disneyland.), Marin mountaintops (speaks for itself.), WW2 Bunkers/jails (In the marin headlands), and the lighthouse that only 1 person can cross the bridge at a time to get to because it's so old. 

Also, do yourself a favor and rent a good bicycle for a day and do the ironhorse trail. I do it every monday morning for 50 miles and it's just a blast.

So I hope I didn't type all of this for nothing. Go to San Francisco.
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Never tried it, but apparently it's an interesting attraction in San Francisco!

Might wanna check it out, hope you like it, enjoy your trip!
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Six Flags Magic Mountain is like in Valencia, like 2 hours from LA, I almost died on the X2 ride when I got out.
Mexico is not safe
Driven past sixflags a few times but never been there. Seems nerveracking! Haha
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lol I went too san fransico and los angeles, like a year ago haha. this is such a old thread
Kind Regards,
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(07-07-2016, 11:30 AM)Floodify Wrote: lol I went too san fransico and los angeles, like a year ago haha. this is such a old thread

Woops, seems like the traveling section doesn't get much traffic. Didn't realize it was so old.  Angel
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