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Cambodia #2
So here is some more pictures from my current stay in Cambodia, hope this pictures is fun to see and I hope you guys are going to visit Cambodia if you get the chance. 

I was over to see a traditional Cambodian puppet show (This picture dosn't show the puppets though, kinda forgot to take picture because it was simply to amazing)
Spoiler :
[Image: oqi4Hmy.jpg]

So I and a bunch of friends went to Siem Reap where all those old fantastic temple are. So here is  a pictures I took, simply amazing some of them are more than 1500 years old yet they have such detail. 
Spoiler :
[Image: JiW5mp4.jpg] 
Spoiler :
[Image: ciynlJ8.jpg]
Spoiler :
[Image: A7evJiw.jpg]

I also went to the Royal Place which were a fine place as well (though couldn't compare to Ankor Wat.
Spoiler :
[Image: 11msA8j.jpg]

At lastly, my classroom where I teach English and Social Science. 
Spoiler :
[Image: WOe2HQk.jpg] 

That's for me, this round. I really hope you guys liked the pictures.

Best Regards
[Image: YXBv5dR.png]
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The Siem Reap temple is beautiful, the images look amazing!

Glad your enjoying yourself mate.
The temple looks nice! Good photos, hope you're enjoying it
Obce again enjoy your trip and hopefully you'll like It 'till the end.
[Image: images.jpg]
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Nice pics man Big Grin Seems like a nice place
[Image: tumblr_o8gsvqzEHY1u83k0io1_500.gif]
Hope you are having a good time Davidson, take care and enjoy your stay in Cambodia!
[Image: YZrpwx7.jpg]
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