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Cambodia #2
So here is some more pictures from my current stay in Cambodia, hope this pictures is fun to see and I hope you guys are going to visit Cambodia if you get the chance. 

I was over to see a traditional Cambodian puppet show (This picture dosn't show the puppets though, kinda forgot to take picture because it was simply to amazing)
Spoiler :
[Image: oqi4Hmy.jpg]

So I and a bunch of friends went to Siem Reap where all those old fantastic temple are. So here is  a pictures I took, simply amazing some of them are more than 1500 years old yet they have such detail. 
Spoiler :
[Image: JiW5mp4.jpg] 
Spoiler :
[Image: ciynlJ8.jpg]
Spoiler :
[Image: A7evJiw.jpg]

I also went to the Royal Place which were a fine place as well (though couldn't compare to Ankor Wat.
Spoiler :
[Image: 11msA8j.jpg]

At lastly, my classroom where I teach English and Social Science. 
Spoiler :
[Image: WOe2HQk.jpg] 

That's for me, this round. I really hope you guys liked the pictures.

Best Regards
[Image: YXBv5dR.png]
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The Siem Reap temple is beautiful, the images look amazing!

Glad your enjoying yourself mate.
[Image: X3cIqqK.jpg]
The temple looks nice! Good photos, hope you're enjoying it
[Image: sMnxYju.jpg]
Obce again enjoy your trip and hopefully you'll like It 'till the end.
[Image: images.jpg]
The list of reasons I need to get out of America is ever-expanding.
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Nice pics man Big Grin Seems like a nice place
[Image: tumblr_oq4diiJxBR1uo87guo1_500.gif]
Hope you are having a good time Davidson, take care and enjoy your stay in Cambodia!
[Image: u5QAwZY.jpg]
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