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The SRU Guide
Compiled by Safira

Let's make one thing absolutely clear. 


Now that that's out of the way, we can begin.

What is the SRU?

The SRU, as you should now have drilled into your minds, is the Strategic Response Unit. They are those to call for in a high risk situation, where the standard training of the police force just isn't enough. Equipped with the highest standard of body armour and most powerful rifles, rebels and raiders have little chance of avoiding injury when the SRU are present.
Their background and training has led them into this field. Many of them have come from the army, and as a result use military tactics to combat their assignments.

Think of the SRU much as S.W.A.T (Do not confuse them, however). Would you see a whole unit of them doing what you're about to do? If not, then it isn't the job of the SRU.

What is it not ?
Many people misunderstand what the job of the SRU is. Here are some examples of what the SRU should not be doing.
  • Patrolling
  • Acting as the President's personal security/body guard
  • Acting as the Nexus Desk Secretary
As stated before, the SRU are not secretaries, there to make appointments with the president. Most units would agree that is a waste of training.
Therefore, the SRU should ideally stay in their offices until called, dealing with paperwork, practicing shooting and defending, or something similar.

On 33x and v2p, the whole of the 2nd floor would be used by the SRU:

Whilst on v2d, there are 2 offices on the top floor which could be used:

However, it's up to you. Use your imagination!

There are 2 primary ranks of the SRU.

SRU Sergeant
The SRU Sergeant (or 'Sarg', for short) commands the whole SRU force. They hold the most authority, and in extreme cases control the police unit, too.
They have the duty of keeping on top of where their units are, and to demote any who step out of line. 

SRU 'Unit'
The units are under the Sergeant's authority. In order to successfully complete missions, they must use their initiative, tactics, and teamwork. Many sergeants assign particular titles to each of their units. These range from a variety of options, but to name a few:
  • Phonetic Alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie)

  • Numbers
  • Ranks (Further explained below)
  • Roles (Further explained below)


I have already explained the role of the SRU, however what does this actually include?
  • Defense in raids
  • Raiding armed bases
  • Terrorist Threats
  • Bomb situations *
  • Riots *
  • Lockdowns *
* In situations such as these, the SRU would be permitted to patrol the streets as normal police officers would until the incident has been sorted.

Ranks (expanded)
If they choose to, the sergeant may give secondary ranks to their units.
  • Second in command - Should the sergeant be unable to lead, or if something were to happen to them, the second in command will assume the role as leader. 
    All ranks, besides the sergeant, are below them.
  • Lieutenant - A rank with not as much authority, but respect. The sergeant gives this rank to those who can show good initiative, and will generally listen to their strategies.
  • Private - Already apart of the team, the private is senior to all cadets. 
  • Cadet/Recruit - In a well-established team, the cadet knows the least of how the unit works. It is their ability to work among the senior members that will get them far. Any slip ups could well result in demotion.

The SRU's training means that they have various strategies and tactics for all situations.

A common one is the one below-

The 3 units are given a role:
  • Breacher - Goes in first. Generally has a shotgun. Crouches and fires, with 'Assault' behind.

  • Assault - Follows 'Breacher'. Stands behind and fires, creating a strong force.

  • Support - Goes in last, back towards 'Breacher' and 'Assault'. They are in charge of dealing with enemies from behind.

  • (Team leader - Sergeant.) 

Other basic strategies include:

  • Keeping together, with accurate shooters at the back

  • Ambush

Gandhi's 'Schwerpunkt'
Aim: Overwhelm a weak point, exploit enemy's confusion via a rapid advance 

Schwerpunkt: main focus, focal point, center of gravity
This technique would typically used with tanks, armored vehicles, and heavy artillery. However, it can also be simply adapted into the 4 SRU (and police force).

  1. Choose a weak point in the enemy line to make a breakthrough (schwerpunkt). 

  2. After choosing, send all but one SRU to this point. The one remaining unit will cover by sniping.

  3. After cracking/ramming the door, head to the back of the base.

  4. The enemy will be too busy trying to deal with the intruders to notice that police are now outflanking them, and arrests can be made with few casualties.


Just because you get a free M4 and UMP, you do not get the right to fire at anything with two legs. As always, go for the PassiveRP approach as opposed to AgressiveRP
Remember: Killing should always be the last resort.
As a unit, you should never go out alone. All strategies and tactics require detailed planning and coordination in order to succeed. Make sure you know what everyone's doing!

You are after all, a team. Roleplay some training exercises, to get the unit in sync with each other. Eventually, it'll become instinct and offence/defence will become far easier.

So what else can you do?

  • Change the team to correspond with the chosen roleplay of the president (e.g. British = CO19, Australian Dictator = PORS, etc)
  • Change the team to similar units (S.W.A.T, TRU, HRT, etc) - wiki page
  • Create a training course as sergeant
  • Choose the personality of sergeant (cold-hearted, stubborn, loud, etc)
  • Learn basic army commands for particular roleplays, such as "attention!", "at ease!", saluting upon seeing the sergeant, calling all units by their last name. Drill Commands

Credits in comic sans: 

[FL:DJ] Doctor Internet - For the V2D SRU office picture
Gandhi - For his 'schwerpunkt' tactic
[FL] Venom - For sharing all his experience and knowledge of specialist forces

Got any more tactics? Message me!
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Glad someone posted this, it should now help newer user to know what there doing when SRU.
Amazing. This should help people into understanding the job the SRU has to do. Thanks for posting it Tounge
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Nice,but no one follows it.I tried to do something like that and i got insulted by random kids saying that i can't tell them how to do SRU because i've just 150 hours and they are better than me.That's annoying.
By the way,nice work.
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Thank you for the great guide, I'll use it now I have access to SRU.

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