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Roleplay groups [UPDATED 17/2/2017]
The RP groups system is here to provide a framework for long-term organized group RP, with a focus on primarily passive RP, and without getting involved in the tricky politics of clans. Whereas previously passive clans often still got mixed up in clan politics, whether they liked it or not, due to association, now there’s a separate place for groups to be organized and RP without issue.

While sometimes these groups may function similarly to clans, they are to be kept mostly separate. Groups are not to assist clans in wartime by providing secure hiding places or by giving them certain advantages. For example, a merchant union group can’t decide to not sell weapons to a certain clan because they want another clan to win. While you can RP with clans out of wartime, as if they were just regular RPers, you can’t form alliances with them and so on. RP trade agreements? Sure. Alliances for security, etc.? No. If you want to get involved in those politics, you’re better off being in a clan.

Groups aren’t to raid people, with one exception: If you have a group centred around improving government RP via organization, then the police and SRU may still raid as the government would otherwise naturally do, but there most still be no association with clans, even if the president wants to help out a specific clan (which is, incidentally, now against our clan rules). You can make a group based around, for example, the black market/narcotics, but there is still to be no raiding.

While you can make a group about narcotics, you can’t spawn contraband as part of your group RP. While contraband in itself is harmless, it often leads to raids from people, and we don’t want to make the RP more aggressive. If you want to use contraband, don’t do so as an official group. We want the groups to be a place for excellent RP: an example to new players, showing them the possibilities of RP outside of raiding and contraband.
This doesn’t mean you can’t use weapons for self-defence. EvoCity is a dangerous place, and sometimes not having a gun around to defend yourself or your RP is suicide. However, you shouldn’t be waving it around outside of your designed RP area, and even then it should only be visible when necessary.

While the owner of a group can choose who is allowed to join, etc., it’s advisable to be more lenient than you would be in a clan – There aren’t politics and wars at stake, and you have a real opportunity to use your group to teach new players decent RP. Also, there are to be no restrictions on which other groups you allow your members to join: They can apply to whichever groups they wish, and should feel free to do so without the fear of potential consequences for doing so.

1) Do not aid clans in wartime
2) Do not form alliances with clans; RP only trade agreements etc. are acceptable
3) Do not partake in raids, with the exception of raiding as the government
4) Do not spawn contraband
5) Keep guns hidden outside of your RP zone, unless it’s absolutely necessary
6) Do not restrict your group members from joining other groups or clans
7) Do not voluntarily involve yourself in clan politics

Of course, sometimes groups may get mixed up in clans regardless, through no fault of their own. When this happens, just ensure that you follow the rules above, and you should avoid major issues. Clans also have their own set of rules which they must follow, and everyone must follow the server rules, so random raids etc. should be unlikely.

If your group starts to get involved with a lot of clan politics, your group may be transferred to the clan section, and treated as such. This includes any major threats to clans, or attempts at wars. The reason that RP groups exist is to give groups of people a chance to RP without the clan restrictions. If this is abused and your group begins to provoke clans and wars, you will no longer be given the protection of being an RP group, and thus you will have all clan restrictions put on you.

The above rules may change periodically as we monitor how effective this new groups system is. If there are issues, the group rules may be changed suddenly.

If you have a passiveRP clan and feel that it would work better as a group, please contact me and your existing thread can be moved. I'm hoping that this new system will lead to some improved, long-term organized roleplay on our servers. Exceptional roleplayers will shine here.
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Sounds great!

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This should be an amazing addition, can't wait to see some of the groups people make.
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Sound very good, love this concept
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Interesting, looking forward to see how this turns out.
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Brilliant, keep your eyes peeled Wink
What if I wanted to make a group which was slightly more aggressive in nature? Is that allowed?
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A more fitting signature. 
Is making a peace-keeping group, that acts as a peace-keeper between clans allowed??
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Thank you Envy
(12-18-2017, 11:41 AM)ELAD Wrote: Is making a peace-keeping group, that acts as a peace-keeper between clans allowed??

Like the UN, or like a lawyer?
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