Ban request on Fieldy
Name of player: Fieldy

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:63400814

Time in GMT: 20:54 GMT (21:54 BST Idk if you class GMT with BST)

Server: v33x

Summary: He was a rebel and pulled a knife on me and said 500$ and me give you a 'blowjob' or else. I found this insulting and vulgar if he said that to someone in real life it could be charged as sexual harrasment so it should have no place on a game. It a topic that really agitates me and people like Fieldy I will never have respect for. He then went to attack me with the knife and Im hoping that the logs can be checked to prove this

[Image: HAYrAIf.jpg]
[Image: yk9I3Jg.png]

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