Ban Request On jadanstores and Binkadin
Name of player:



jadanstores: STEAM_0:1:93108040
Binkadin: STEAM_0:1:22027439

Time in GMT: 19:55 GMT

Server: v2p


If you watch the video you can see what happened clearly if you want to read the story go ahead otherwise just watch the video

The car was glitched in the floor and was using fences to prop push it but was clearly using it as an excuse to kill people.... they ended up killing about 4 or 5 people with the props. i know for a fact that Binkadin has been on v2p for 2 days now minging around but i haven't got evidence until now. hopefully they will be banned for a long time.

[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:62443156&b=9]
They should realize they can't proppush a vehicle that's stuck into the ground.

[Image: yk9I3Jg.png]

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