A Brief History of Vortex (sort of)

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In the year 3250 a scientist called Adam discovered the Power of Time Travel whilst trying to create a new mode of transport, Realizing the danger the Technology could pose in the wrong hands he destroyed the plans and decided to find worthy people to save and recruit into an elite team. And so Vortex was founded.

2 years later in the year 2014 (Time Travel is confusing isn't it) Vortex already has a few members one being Adams Childhood friend Sam Williams, who worked on the time machines flaws during the first few months and the other a man from the 1980s called Harry Doyle who Adam saved from the Italian Mafia in an unfortunate meeting in his holiday in Rome. A few months later Adam saved another Man from his Burning Meth Lab, his name was Willy Wanka. Finally Adam met John Riley in a Police Chase with FBI choppers, and saved him from imminent death when he crashed into a River. These men later became Adams main associates in his operations to save worthy candidates for Vortex.
These days Adam lives on a Small Farm and keeps his time machine hidden in a Barn especially constructed to hide the engine sounds and protect it from being picked up on military scanners.

Do you Wish to become a Member of Vortex?
Then apply with the Given Form
(you will need to come up with a small story surrounding your imminent death and why we should save you)

The age limit is 13
The minimum server time is 50 hours.
Our main Server is V2d, but we will be seen on all servers

We dont tolerate propminges. Ever.
Respect higher ranked clan members and follow their orders (providing they dont break any rules) to the best of your ability.
All expulsions from the clan go through me(so if you are a member and someone "kicks you out" if i dont confirm it on the forums (so this thread) talk to me, they might have lied).

If you break one of the rules you will be requested to change your clan to Vortex - Suspended this means that you are technically still a member BUT are being monitered and are at high risk of expulsion. Your normal member state may however be earned if you can prove tht you have learned your lesson.

[b]What is threatening you and why should we save you?:[/b]
[b]Previous Employers(if any):[/b]
[b]OOC Information[/b]
[b]Steam Name:[/b]
[b]Steam ID:[/b]
[b]Bans(if any/be honest we will check):[/b]
[b]Blacklists(if any/be honest we will check):[/b]
[b]Time on the Server:[/b]
[b]RP points(if any)[/b]

What is threatening you and why should we save you?:
My life is in grave danger, Rebels have invaded my Home and Will kill me, Please save me Vortex i can help your clan because i am a Good Builder
Name:Adam King
Previous Employers(if any):Blackwatch,Mega
OOC Information
Steam Name:[FL:RP]BlackForest
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:50164541
Bans(if any/be honest we will check):2
Blacklists(if any/be honest we will check):1
Time on the Server:355 hours
RP points(if any)1
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Amazing. Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards,
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Kind Regards,

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Nice LOGO. Who made it ? XD!
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You did silly Tounge
[Image: B1ry4Eh.png]
Have I helped? Well you could always Rep meh!
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Nice work Adam. I can't wait for our clan to open! Nice logo Smiling!
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Thumbs Up 
I hope the clan is a success!
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Looking good. Well done.
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Great clan, great people, good owners. can't wait for it to progress more!

What a fabulouss name... Smile
Yours Truely,
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What the....?
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