Narcotic's resignation
Hello Fearless,

I have today faced a very hard decision, I felt it was necessary and it's about time that I say goodbye. I can't promise that I will return. I have had it in mind for a long time, for reasons that I have stated to the ones I speak the most to.

Below there's a few personal words for people that I feel deserve an extra thank you.

SoulRipper - Thank you for creating this community, giving me the opportunity to help and administrate.
SA team - Beflok, Faustie and Killjoy, thank you. Thank you for being a good example, you always played a great role in my work and I appreciate it. Thank you for all the time, daddies.
Administration and moderation team - Thank you all for the good times, I have a massive amount of respect for every single one of you.
Verzyn - Thank you for all of the good RP we've done, thank you for not being a scouser.
Pavilion - Thank you for all of the good RP and your efforts with in the workshop.
Fiblez - My voice twin, thank you for the good times with in the agency and everything else.
Zealord - Thank you for all of the good times, you will not be forgotten even though you have left.
Salinsky - You are like a brother to me and I want you to know that everything you have done for me will not go unnoticed.
DigDug - Thank you for all of the good RP.
Rolorox - Thank you for all of the good APB times and the RP, even though you sometimes rage at me.
GRiiM - Thank you for all of the good RP and your efforts with in the workshop.
StillAlive - Thank you for my first RP point and my first real RP on FL, I respect you even though you might not see this.
Holdem - You are a brother to me, we speak every day and so it shall remain to go on.
Shadow Associates Agency - Thank you, agents for all of the good times, I respect every single one of you and I'm honored to have been a part in the agency.

The workshop I will still edit up from my contributors and finish before I leave it to be, nobodys work will go to waste.

Thank you, Fearless community, you will never be forgotten.
I can't believe it, you've being a great administrator and a good friend. I will not forget the hilarious times, and I can't believe you resigned. You will be remembered, good luck in the future, hope to still stay in touch.

Good bye, man! <3
Don't leave me voice twin D:

I will miss you greatly. I will never forget you as both a friend and a rolemodel.
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Even though we had our "differences" in the end its still sad to see you go. You were a good administrator. Good luck with the music and whatever you choose to do in the future!
Bye :O)
Wow. Goodbye dude, even though we never really spoke. I knew you were a good admin. Wish you good luck in wherever you go.
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Well didnt expect to see this, goodbye Narcotic and good luck in the future.
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Well shit! Who is going to be General of the Lee Pong nation now?
I can't believe this...
Ever since I joined this server I have looked up to you as a fantastic roleplayer and great guy! It is a real shame to see a good friend like you leave. I hope you return soon mate!

Oh that came really unexpectedly... I would like you to thanks for your administration, your appreciation of my RP's, overall for everything you have done for FL. Hope to see you back soon. I hope you didn't resign to make your nickname's color similiar to the signature colors. (Wink) Anyways goodbye, you will be remembered and part of you will always remain in the Fearless community.
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Bye. Sad to see a dedicated administrator go. Sad
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