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Estleback News Briefing

We've found a wonderful fit for our Chief Field Officer position. Jeremy R Curtis (Siphon) has been a part of Estleback for many years, serving the organization through its many ups and downs. His loyalty and ingenuity are just some of the many reasons we have chosen to give him this position. We know he will do wonderfully and continue to be a core gear in the Estleback machine for years to come.
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Estleback News Briefing
Yesterday marked the beginning of a new era for the Estleback Corporation. A renewed effort by our long-time nemesis, Fulcrum, has resulted in the disappearances of both the Director and Deputy Director of the Estleback Corporation; Noah Grayson and Louis Blackman, respectively. Their whereabouts and conditions are currently unknown, but one thing is for certain, this was a deliberate, calculated, and malicious attack against the values that we as an organization stand for and the values that the citizens of San Ranevo stand for.
Despite the challenges that lay ahead for us in combatting this resurgent threat, we have no doubt that the people of San Ranevo will support us and offer us their assistance during this dark hour as we have always strived to make San Ranevo and its neighbouring cities a better place to live with our security, sponsorships, and support.
Even in the face of adversity, the Estleback Corporation shall remain undeterred in achieving its goals of benefitting the city in a positive manor, and we shall remain strong in the face of an enemy that choses to strike only in the dark. Rest assured, we will bounce back from this and grow closer with the populace in order to defend the beacon of greatness that is San Ranevo.
We will announce updates on the situation as it continues, but for now we shall see how this plays out. If any citizen has any information related to Fulcrum or wishes to assist us more directly with our recovery and add to our rich saga, our communications with the general public remain open.
Below is a public release of the events that occurred. We as a corporation have chosen to publicly release this footage to provide an insight into what we do as a clan and how we operate.
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That is all for now.
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