Unbann Jack/xzizt STEAM_0:1:18491211
Your name: xzizt3r(steam name)

Your ban ID: STEAM_0:1:18491211

Banned by: Console

Server[/b]: Rp_evocity_v2d

Involved: Gecko,Midnight Shadow
Why we should unban you: Hallo, first of all i can start saying im so sorry for the whole situation. This was not ment to be like this at all.

And not that it matters, i never knew scamming was illegal. I thought u could scam as an underground criminal.

But anyways as the banrequest say, i admit stealing the pocket wich im so sorry for and i will gladly return the pocket. And the reason you should unbann me is because i am a good roleplayer, this is not a usual act for me. You should unbann me cause i feel like my time in this server is not over. I still have a lot of roleplaying to offer, and im a very nice person if u first get to know me. And im also so sorry for lying about the pocket, foolish act of me.

If you unbann me i will promise to roleplay properly and u will never find me in this kind of trouble again, that i can swear on! I really enjooy playing on this server cause it is a very serious roleplaying server, the best in my opinion. You will do me a huge favour to unbann me.Heart

Not knowing scamming is illegal as your put it, basicly means you havnt read the rules
Well, all I've seen you do on the servers is minging.

I got the 16k Refunded, and presume they will be ripped off your money aswell..

This ban is deserved, like Temar said. If you didnt know scamming was against the rules, you haven't read them.
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As i said, i regret terribly at the scamming parts i did!

But is'nt permanent bann abit harsh?
I know i broke the rules by scamming but perma?

I kind of derserve a perma thought but if you will unbann me you will never find me in trouble again i promise! or atleast shorten the bann. I would be so thankful if you did.
If I even have speechpower in this case I would say shortening would be fair.
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I agree he should have read the rules, but i think perm ban is a bit harsh.
I would say 1 week ban would be fair, he would learn not to scam, and 1 week ban should suffice.
I know you from another community, in which you got permanently banned before it got disbanded. You are no good.
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Credit goes to Jamie.
Ruxandra if you were on Gangwarsrp i was permabanned for using hacks, they claimed me for using aimbot wich i did not.
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Right, neither Hanza or Jonify is allowed to post here.

Non of you is directly related or are contributing to the thread.
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You also have no freaking right to post here Equalizer, and you're backseat adminning.

Scamming is destroying other's pleasure. I think you should give back the pocket + 50k compensation to the player.
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