CityRP Gmod 13
Temar and me started this week with making CityRP working on Gmod 13. We are making good progress, the most essential things are already working. Once Gmod 13 get's released we will be well prepared and we will be one of the first customized RP servers on Gmod 13. Smile

Some screenshots:

[Image: gmod134.png]
[Image: gmod133-1.png]
[Image: gmod131.png]
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:15472195&b=9]
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Lovley <3
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Oh thank god... I thought we would be left on Gmod 12... Thank you...

Well best of luck :3

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It will still work on regular gmod right Thinking *feels stupid*
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Yea baby!

I thought we were gonna be left in the dust.
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Beflok is my idol

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"temar and me"....
its "Temar and I" :3
but great job
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