GRiiM's 3D Models
So I've just finished my first unit on 3D modelling and I thought I'd share some of the models I have made. These were all made on Maya.

[Image: wBO9F.jpg]

[Image: PslmS.jpg]

[Image: 6taNd.jpg]

This potion is easily my favourite Cheese

[Image: KAp9B.jpg]

Bonus: Found this on my HDD from when I was bored at college so I started messing around on Autodesk Mudbox.

[Image: HOe3b.jpg]

I was rushing to finish a lot of these to get them in for the deadlines, I know that I can definitely make better models and I aim to do so now that I have finished all my college work Smile
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These look great Cheese
Next job: Make new hand models for Fearless Cheese
[Image: h2.png]
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This looks awesome! Cheese
[Image: tumblr_misa4gMiRO1rewxcio1_500.gif]
Lawl, necroposting much guys? Cheese

Hopefully within next few weeks I'll be able to post a few more on here actually.
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Good to hear, I liked your first few quite a lot. Wink
That LOL one is the scariest thing ever made but good work!
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You should work in models for the SCP:Containment Breach game being made Tounge
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Welp, here we go. 3/5 of my models for my university work...Looking back at the ones I originally made and they're just plain awful xD

[Image: XuMPQ.jpg]

[Image: nDmpx.jpg]

[Image: N9tpv.jpg]
These are awesome
You know what?
Mxthe, developer of Underhell mod was recently looking for 3D modelers since his old one (progsys) is quite busy ATM
Why don't you "give it a try"? :]
[Image: tumblr_misa4gMiRO1rewxcio1_500.gif]

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