[EXPIRED] You were fooled

I wont be donating for a while until I know this wont happen again.

Player name: Xerox.
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29151231.
Time in GMT: 5:00 Pm

Im trying to put my car in a garage and he says i tried to cdm him, im pissed of as it is and he calls me some random insult and PUNCHES ME, isnt it funny how he left that part out?

I tranq him and jump on him. I run away and then he stupidly follows? wtf... I then take out my AWP say go away 4 times, then shout raid, then I kill him.

What is wrong with that?

EDIT due to recent comments:
Ive discovered 2Deep had no sound on so he would not have heard my asking of him to leave.
Also After the insident I did talk to fallen about this and he said he couldnt make a judgement at that time so could he please comment =D
Sorry to 2Deep for killing you but this was all pointless now.
I will live with my ban now, I do need a break, but can it be shortened by 2 or 3 days?
Sorry for any hassle caused to admins.

His very vague ban request.
Summary: So i was taking a walk, then Xerox decides to come. He has a car that he was trying to CDM me with. He tried to get into the garage with it, but haven't heard of the word brake. I go over too him and i say "wtf?" and i call him a "minge". He after that pulls a tranq gun and tranqs me, he after that again jump on me while i am tranqed and then he runs, i run after his and says "wtf dude?" he pulls an AWP and shoots me. He has gotten many warnings and was banned 100 mins yesterday. I think he fails alot. So please MTV pimp my rid.. I mean so please ban this minge.

And this time please let me reply 1st before closing this topic.
I should be asking you guys to ban him for fooling you and for punchwhoring me when he didnt get his way. Im asking a guy to witness for me.

I find it very very unfair to have a ban for 1 week. For RDM i would have thought 1 day at the minimum, yet it wasnt even RDM

This shows the blood on me from when he punched me a couple of times.
Also my MIC says get lost (4 times) then i shout raid 3 times

Huge images spams pages, please view link to see evidence of being punched.
[Image: Achievement.aspx?text=Kill%2030+%20Yakuz...03%20hours]
I saw this happen from the KFC area, that guy run up to him talking on mic and then punched Xerox, he tranqed him, jumped on him and then ran off.
That guy followed him (why would you do that?!?!) and i here 1 big BAM after 2-3 minutes and that minge starts saying "why you kill me?" ... idiot much?
(12-05-2010, 05:13 PM)2Deep Wrote: Kfc lol, it happend at bank of america. And i punched him once because he tried to cdm me ps. Xerox come with some proof.

he didnt TRY to rdm you, he was driving to garage, he gets out and you punch him.... he stopped after he almost ''CDM'd'' you, but you attack him, he says get lost (i only saw mic symbol) but you follow him after the tranqing!
Xerox, I made the ban a week considering the countless issues we've had concerning you within the last 2-3 days. If you have evidence of Mapple/2Deep being a minge, please present it in an according ban request thread.

I'd like to hear a second opinion on this ban from other admins.

Orgxer and 2Deep - you have no business posting in this thread. Continue to do so and we will issue forum infraction points.
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