[DENIED] Wow...
Your name:Blue Eye'd Assassin

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:29177355

Banning Admin:SniperWolf

Ban Length:1000minutes

Reason for the ban: Rdm?

Why we should unban you:Well Here is the Story, I was in club foods and all off the sudden This kid called kevin starts shooting me, So i run out of Club foods and Equip my Awg, And so i scope into club foods and shoot him, But without knowing at the time, I accidently got Sniper, He Gave me no warning or caution if i do it agian... It was an easy accident, and I said Sorry, 1000Minutes its alot of Time for Something so small... I mean if I Mass Rdm'd Then Yeah That would be a good set of time.. but i mean common, I only just came back to the server today and already im banned for something so small.
Well, you spawned your car inside the Cub foods place. Just to crash into other peoples to minge. You then started AWPing, and hit me. So no. You stay banned. Its 1 day - and you can't post an unban req unless its over a day.

Also, we now use a 'ban multiplier' thing - so rather than someone been banned for RDMing like 100 times .. and only getting 30 mins each time - the ban lengths go up each time. By x10. You may wanna keep that in mind -_-

You've been banned MANY times before, and before I was admin you broke so, so many rules.

So, closed because its less than a day ban.

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