Hey you guys.

I got curios and wanted to know if any of you guys spoke other languages than your native. So, you should tell me!

Personally I speak danish as my native, english because.... yeah well that's obvious, latin for studying, german as something I had to and now I'm learning french.

French would definitely be my favorite.

Oh and also write what language you would love to master!

Mine would be russian. Sounds so distinguished and awesome.
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Well i speak swedish as my native

German im learning (altough the only thing i can do is swear and say that im a potato xD )

and English ofcourse derp.

oh and i would love to master japanese because i love asian culture and stuff
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German as native, of course English as second and learning Latin for now.
Although I will never need it.

Oh, and my favorite language to learn would be also Russian, as it indeed sounds damn awesome.
Hebrew as native, learned Arabic for 2 years in my old school and I know English too Smile
Danish is also my native language, and I speak fluent English.

I want to master the Russian language, will never happen tho.
Danish as my native ofc.

I lack a little at English.

Im learning german but it sucks(No offence)
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(02-22-2012, 10:29 PM)Equalizer Wrote: Danish as my native ofc.

I lack a little at English.

Im learning german but it sucks(No offence)

I completely gave up on german in 9th grade.
My native language is Dutch.

I've learned German (at a very basic level), French and English so far.

I'd like to learn Italian, Spanish, Russian and maybe Portugese.
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Finnish(Native), Swedish, English?,Germany.
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English and C++.

Would love to learn French
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