When is time to comeback?
This is my first forum post, so don't judge me too hard.. nah go ahead!

Its been long time since server closed down. So i have some questions that i want to talk about.
When we can expect server be online again? And no, i dont mean "when is the server online again?! When we can break fearrp again" etc.
I'm asking sort of an timeline, Summer of 2024? or 2025 maybe? And no i dont expect server to be fully ready in next 6 months, but maybe beta or test server for sort period time?

Devs and who the ever is the owner nowdays, i dont care, we need answers. Or something. Those "pulses" tell nothing at all to normal people, people that dont understand coding.
And no, im not shaming devs, they are making this for hobby and the passion to bring back FLRP. Great work, nothing bad to you guys xoxox.

I want a factual discussion about this, and also a constructive one.

sincerely Kirvesify, that finish guy

ps. i dont write english that good, if you did not notice lol
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miss this server a lot, we need updates.
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