The Pulse: Community Catch Up | 2WC 30 Oct
UwU what's this? Another Pulse.
god i hate myself

We've had a couple of branches merged, a fix for admins using /commands, fixed a couple of long-standing clientside errors, added !forcesell to do for properties what could already be done for individual doors, added a mailmap to fix the pulse being buggy when using online vs offline editing, added a tool to help placing wheel clamps and lastly added a function to check if a player is a team member. The inventory refactor has had active commits, but hasn't been merged yet.

Overall, 3 authors have created 33 commits in 17 files, changing 868 lines of code.

I will also try for next pulse to have more in-depth branch information (automatically detecting merges, which branches are active, etc), but I can't promise that.
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Thank you doccy wocky
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Maybe do something useful and change the forums back to light theme.
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(11-20-2023, 09:55 PM)Haarek Wrote: Maybe do something useful and change the forums back to light theme.
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It needs to be the default
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