The Pulse: Community Catch Up | 2WC 4 Sept
Bello! We've got a bit of a busy one this week, so buckle up.

We'll start off with something nice and pretty, we spent a couple of hours going through the forums, ingame UI and old documents, building up the Fearless Brand Guidelines. If that's the kind of thing you're interested in, please feel free to have a look in-depth, but otherwise it should make our future UIs and web services have more of a unified style. This will also be used during the relaunch media efforts.

[Image: pulse-brand-colors.png]

Next up, as some people have already noticed, Wolven and Self have taken some time and gone around the forums. Some categories have been merged, some have been deleted and quite a few have been cleaned up. You'll see that the Useful Documents and Guides forums have both been somewhat cleared, in prep for new and updated guides / documentation from Self, Boonan, jhayw and the Events Team.

On the topic of guides and documentation, we have a new guide page, which'll contain the available guides in an easy to view and clutter free format.

[Image: pulse-guide-list.png]

There is an ability to feature individual guides, which we'll be using to promote the guides most important to the new player experience.

[Image: pulse-guide-featured.png]

We've tried to build the viewing page in such a way as it doesn't distract from the content of the guide, but still allows those who wrote the guide to get the appropriate credit for their work.

[Image: pulse-guide.png]

And lastly, this is all available ingame, no need to send people out to random websites when they have questions.

[Image: pulse-guide-ingame.png]

If you have guides you'd like to submit, please feel free to post a new thread in the Guides area.

Next up, we've got a couple of updates being started:
  • Improvements to the Interactivity of the President Jobs.
    • Improving the tax system.
    • Adding dynamic events.
    • Government income and expenditure.
    • Making the President a job that does more than just sit at tax 40.
    • Generally improving the state of the job, and making it a more important role than just a figurehead.
    • Not a huge amount to talk about yet, as it's mostly in early planning and some proof of concept work.
    • [Image: pulse-government-salary.png]

  • Dynamic Speed Limit Signs
    • Making it so the speed limit signs across the map can be changed by the President in response to the current laws.

More work on the map from frost, Self, Boonan and Pollux, with very useful commit messages, such as "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" :^)

Yet more work on polishing up on the inventory refactor, adding documentation, fixing bugs, improving built in crash protection, interactions for placed items and so much more.

Finally, Ranger, Boonan and Wolven have been spending time redrafting the rules to make them clearer, to quote "remove the waffle".

Overall, we've had 12,000 changes, averaging 127 lines changed per commit, with the changes being distributed among 90 files, authored by 6 people.
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Amazing! (second)
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When server?
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(09-18-2023, 09:54 PM)Pinky Wrote: Server?

I'll make a note to get you assigned to some guides to help speed us up Smile
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We should kill ourselves!!!
(09-18-2023, 10:18 PM)Ranger Wrote: We should kill ourselves!!!

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(09-18-2023, 11:35 PM)Self Wrote:
(09-18-2023, 10:18 PM)Ranger Wrote: We should kill ourselves!!!


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This is improvements that actually just might drag people back to the server. Well done, champs.
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This is awesome and such an amazing work of you guys. I highly respect the work, that is being put into this at the moment.

Can't wait to see you all online soon. Smile
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