The Pulse: Community Catch Up | 2WC 10 July
After the interest in last Pulse, I'm sure this one will be more boring.

In CityRP, we've continued removing old systems and cleaning up.
  • Most of the admin commands have been moved to the new command system.
  • Conn had his access to set ranks removed (ripperoni conneroni)
  • We've added a new logging library, that makes logs easier to filter, review and read.
    [Image: oywB0hXkzJ0T.png]
    [Image: SWRb8QMJDWbE.png]
  • The old beta testers command got removed.
  • /metaldetector and /notetype have been rewritten and improved.
  • The accesslog has had a bunch of missing data replaced.
  • The accesslog system has been rewritten, so no longer will you randomly get blacklists randomly extending if you have more than 1 for the same access.

Overall? We've changed over 8,500 lines, with 4 authors touching 178 files across 212 commits.
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roleplay when?
Where am I?
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no way there’s more than 2 authors :o
tgn (ミዕᆽዕミ)
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4 AUTHORS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
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That's a lot of touching.
Have a Nice Day!  Wink

I’ve been gone from the community for quite some time, but it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to see Fearless flourish again. I would like to ask questions regarding some issues Fearless have had in the past, and how the new management with this whole new setup is going to continue the way forward. It’s imperative in my opinion that some things should be established before the server is released. I’ve composed a list of questions that I hoped the newborn leadership could clarify.

1. How does the admins, the leadership, and the remaining staff team plan to enforce rules against bias, as well as guidelines to maintain a neutral perspective upon decisions regarding punishments?
2. How does the leadership plan to handle constructive feedback as well as feedback in general by the player base?
3. How does the leadership and admins plan on enforcing equal opportunities for the clans on the server?
4. How does the leadership plan on protecting passive events from aggressive RP?
5. How does the leadership plan to keep the community the alive?

I want to clarify that the questions aren’t coming from a hostile place, but there has been issues relating to all of these in the past. I think a lot of the past issues related to this was one of the big pushovers to how the server died out, and I’m hoping to see the rules and guidelines change for the better.
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(07-25-2023, 09:40 PM)Lifesence Wrote: -snip-

I've seen this, passed it to the managers so we can get answers relevent from everyone (admin, events, etc), not just development.
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I am hopeful for the future, looks like stuff is being done.
So I commend you, for it is promising.
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(07-27-2023, 07:40 PM)Cox Wrote: -deleted-

Indeed, the code may seem insignificant now, but all contributions, no matter how small, play a part in the grand dance of progress.
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ayo when can i break fearrp already
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