The Pulse: Community Catch Up | 2WC 15 May
Hello again, time for an update.

We spent some time teaching texture artists how to make Photon vehicles, with interesting results. We've done some work on the web control panel, overhauled our networking and a shitload of optimisation.

So, for the web panel:
  • We upgraded from Laravel 8 to 10, moving off of a EOF version, upgrading to new PHP versions, and more (see L9 / L10 release notes)
  • Fixed the generators for html / js / css.
  • Fixed an oversight which would crash the panel's wiki page.
  • Updated the bans page, to be in line with the new schema upgrades.
  • Updated the logs page to be in line with those changes too.

For the gamemode:
  • Various optimisations of clientside rendering.
    • Optimises the LocalPlayer, math.Clamp, IsValid and table.sort functions.
    • Optimises network / thinking transmission to exclude out-of-PVS entities.
    • Adds optional client screenspace rendering.
    • Removes widgets.
    • De-ephasise some physics settings.
    • Adds entity cache system, optimising ents.GetAll / ents.FindByClass
    • Optimises UserID
    • Other misc optimisations in the gamemode itself.
  • Fixed a bug in Player:IsContributorOrAdmin()
  • Removed unused parameter in Player:IsAdmin()
  • Fixed "View Source" button in documentation.
  • Added interactions for corpses / coffee machine.
  • Removed extra migration which was causing errors.
  • Replaced networking system.
    • Adds Entity:[GS]etNetVar(), which can be used to send arbitary data from server to client, relating to any entity.
    • Adds Player:[GS]etLocalNetVar(), used to send arbitary data from server to client, but said data is only sent to the player it is set on.
    • Removes Player:[GS]etNSVar().
    • Replaces all instances of NSVars with NetVar.
  • Updated logs schema and logging library.

Active Branches
  • ACP:feat/wiki-history
  • inventory-refactor
  • fix-wheelclamps
  • fix-flas-bugs


Overall, we've had 5 authors, changing 910 files over 264 commits, with a total of 82,920 lines changed.
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Do you guys have a like estimated release date
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(06-01-2023, 12:53 AM)ZickPhin Wrote: Do you guys have a like estimated release date

Unfortunately no, it's impossible to predict due to the sporadic burst nature of development on FL. Won't really be able to tell until everything is almost done.
Fearless Management
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(06-01-2023, 12:53 AM)ZickPhin Wrote: Do you guys have a like estimated release date

It's whispered to be scheduled for a day when Joe Joe finally gets his bank heists, and Pollux manages to keep the same map on FearlessRP for more than a few months.
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