The Pulse: Community Catch Up | 2WC 1 May
Salut, and my apologies for the delay. I got caught on-call overnight, so missed the chance to post this yesterday as it should have been.

We had a bit of a busy week, with quite a bit of time spent responding to the last pulse, fixes for local environments and updates to the logging library, and with a fair amount of time improving the security of the forums.

But the most visual change is the updated frontend for documentation.

We'll save that for a moment. Until then, lets go over the basics.

Merged Pull Requests / Master Pushes:
  • Misc Fixes (Localisation Fixes)
  • [Web] Updated dvz secure proxy server.
  • [Web] Bans page fix.

Improvements to Forum Security:
  • Updated the image proxy server, so images are served from a transparent cache, as opposed to directly from source, preventing a number of possible attacks (such as pixel tracking).
  • Users require a post to be able to set a forum description. Bots require steam auth to post, and currently are unable to register with steam, so the spam links in the description can't be set either.

  • The prior documentation was static and unsearchable; working best if you roughly knew what you were looking for. View
  • [Image: EUy3SV00o7yc]
  • Conversely, the updated documentation, like the gmod wiki, is searchable, making it easier to find what's being looked for. View
  • [Image: mYRPLHmZSCip]

Active Branches:
  • schema/logs - The update to logs schema, but also the updates to the logging library itself.
  • inventory-refactor - Same as before, still being worked on.
  • interactive-map - As it says, an interactive map (currently in the F1 menu), to help players find their way around, and notice points of interest.

Overall, 2 authors made 9 commits, changing 384 lines across 54 files.

Have a good day y'all's.
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