Hello fellow community members,

I just had to express my sincere admiration for the incredible "management" of our online community. Their exceptional ability to keep things running smoothly and facilitate meaningful discussions is truly awe-inspiring.

Despite the fact that we don't have traditional employees or bosses, our community "management" ensures that everyone's voices are heard and that our discussions stay on track. They never let personal biases or emotions get in the way, and they always strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

Their skills in conflict resolution are particularly impressive. Instead of letting disagreements escalate and turn into flame wars, they intervene quickly and calmly to find a solution that works for everyone involved. It's like watching a masterclass in online diplomacy!

I'm truly grateful for the hard work and dedication of our community "management." They're the unsung heroes who keep our discussions engaging, productive, and respectful. Thank you for all that you do!
We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.
I too am a big lover of sarcasm.

I love such meaningful discussion topics like "is FL dead", or "FL is dead", or "Guys, FL died.".
I love the respectful replies such as "You did nothing as EM", or "Management is shit and will make the server shit too"
I love the intelligent conversation, such as "holy shit we're fucked".

I love the blatent lying, such as "Management is not here" when we've been actively replying, posting and working.

I love it more when you claim at the same time that interventions are made through personal bias and emotion, then in the same post decry our lack of conflict resolution. Why do you think we intervene? When the same group of users repeatedly escalate every thread they make or post in? Even when those threads aren't even related?

Hanlon's Razor states you should never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence, but good lord. It seems like there's a group of former players that want FL to fail, just so they can be right; doing their utmost to kill any positivity with these repeated threads and posts, and then when we do anything, even after open and blatent flaming, after months of warnings, you have the gall to come here with a post dripping in sarcasm.

For what end?
Is there even an endpoint for you?

Is there any point in me even bothing to take time out of my day to engage with you, when you seem to stab yourself in the eyes and ears with a fork whenever anything that goes against your points come up?

Or is this the FL equivalent of the guy who posted "doctor internet head of everything and anything demote the cunt" for 4 years straight in any anonymous feedback forum they could find?
Doctor Internet;

Developer, Systems Operator,
Data Protection Officer, Business Advisor,
Server Administrator, Community Moderator
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Posts like these are getting pretty ironic at this rate. I really respect you Haarek, but you need to take a step back and think for a moment here.

You’ve asked already for an update since there hasn’t been a new dev blog, and Pollux answered with the truth. His inventory system that he has been working on is a major major change and a lot of work has gone into getting it to work so far, he’s dedicated many hours working on it and he’s churned out thousands and thousands of lines of code out these past months. The last thing he needs to sort out are new menus for the system, without those we can’t really show the new system off, which is why we’ve missed a dev blog. This has already been explained, and the thread was closed.

Doctor Internet has been very active on these forums trying to communicate with the community and explain where we are with things, which is a difficult task given our situation, and he’s been introducing major overhauls to FL’s backend and databases. He and the rest of the development team have been advising and helping Pollux with the inventory changes, as that’s all they can really do at the minute in terms of updating and creating major features. If we started adding cooking systems or what have you right now without the inventory changes being finalised, as soon as the inventory is finished we’d have to completely redo these updates to get them to work again.

I am familiar with programming, it’s what I do for a wage, but I’m not familiar with lua, gmod and the game mode, but Pollux, Doctor Internet and Arny have all helped me learn by answering my dumb questions and advising me while I fixed some bugs (wow guys, you can now drown and die from hunger in a car, stolen fireman suit / paramedic suit is now obtainable because I fixed the lock pick loot pools when I refactored the lockpick completely and to really top it off the hummer vehicle clamp is positioned correctly now! [and much much more]). I’ve been learning so that when we’re all clear to work on the smaller features that I can actually be of some value by then.

I am terribly aware that there are things we could be doing better, an event on a weekend here and there couldn’t have hurt, which is my fault it hasn’t been done, and we’ve hit big roadblocks along the way when it comes to technical issues, deciding on a server host, motivation. But please understand that in the end we are volunteers, we’re real people too, and keeping FL’s doors open for many years to come is what we’re passionate about trying to make happen. We can only work so fast and so hard. We’re sorry it hasn’t been as quick as we all hoped it would be, but we are doing honest work. Besides, the longer this Pollux guy takes to get this inventory system done, he’s currently paying the server costs, so he’s not purposefully trying to be slower lol

Look, since we are so focused on these changes at the moment we are also a little slow to things on the forums. Anyone who actually manages to read all this waffle up to this point - you can reach any one of the team on discord with any worries at all and we will get back to you. You can even see when we’re coding thanks to our activity status on our profiles, what an amazing platform!

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