Gamemode Emergency Department skins for the bmw X5
Title of Suggestion: Emergency Department skins for the bmw X5

A while ago conn asked me to make skins for the Bmw X5 which i did, he said he woud have a look at it and never updated me about the progress. Now i found out that the Devs had no knowledge about them even existing and told me to make a Suggestion. Here we are and i present to you the skins:
(Lightning may be weird on some of the photos)
Police: [Image: nhPt2VF.jpeg]
[Image: E67yRoz.jpeg]
Fire Department: [Image: kUyWONB.jpeg]
Differt perspektives:

Spoiler :
Police: (none)
(The white looks a bit dark but its youst because of a mod i had it looks normal in game.) 
Front:[Image: ZB5Qn8l.jpeg]
[Image: 7xFGPCa.jpeg]
Back: [Image: VgcVhVO.jpeg]
Fire Department:
        [Image: B0FQa1e.jpeg]
[Image: FFlQvR3.jpeg]
[Image: F1vBOGL.jpeg]
Back: [Image: zNCMbnU.jpeg]
         [Image: u1uNPzL.jpeg]

It took alot of hard work and free time to do them, which is the reason why i woud be realy happy to see them being used on the server and think they ended up preety good.
I hope you like them and leave a +support and your opinion on them.
[Image: q5Y1C8n.png]
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