Random FL gamemode facts
While everyone waits for the first dev blog, I am going to use this thread (and anyone else who wants) to post random gamemode facts each day, because I am learning about a lot of functionality by fixing bugs that I hadn't come across before just by playing

Fact 1: You can loot ambulances and firetrucks the same way you can loot police vehicles (for stolen police uniforms etc) to get different items, including stolen fireman and paramedic uniforms, however someone completely messed it up (presumably when the two were merged into the same job), making it impossible to obtain the stolen paramedic uniform
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Fact 2: I am the reason FL is dead Smile
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Fact 3: You can't commit tax evasion or tax fraud. This is a big L cause no one can falsify their tax reports to extract a higher tax refund, or flee to a 'sovereign' state to avoid paying taxes altogether.
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Just a guy who stumbles across the internet and shares his findings. Carry on.
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Fact 4: It is impossible to own a BMW FL and not turbo down main street.
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At one point you could spawn the drivable Wheelchair because there was some code to allow people to spawn regular chairs for RP, and the code only checked if the model name contained "chair"
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You can crash the game mode using the advanced/experimental section of the precision tool.
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5 facts, 5 lies. Tell me which is which.

  1. When I was coding the NexusDB for the christmas update on 25th Dec 2016 I ran out of time, which is why the main page ist just a bunch of random info.
  2. The gamemode internally looks like it had numerous cancer cells killing each other off and thus making the game work somehow. To this day nobody knows exactly how it works, but every dev has to sign an agreement to pretend it's functional.
  3. The entire game state used to be saved every second to the database causing a huge lagspike with >50 players.
  4. Voice Radio used to be activated via holding down SHIFT. Needless to say it was pretty funny seeing the entirety of EvoCity running around like lunatics.
  5. If you tranquilised a Tides Truck before VCMod was a thing on the server, the car would explode but keep its health. You could abuse this with a friend for bombing attacks until the devs found out.
  6. There exists at least one serversided NetworkString that can send arbitrary clientside commands to any client to make them execute the code.
  7. The Trabant's driving speed is slower than running. This causes the Trabant to be unable to roadkill players walking in the same direction.
  8. The server's tick rate is dependent on player count via the following formula:
    max(1/66, playerCount * 0.05 / 66)
    . Essentially the more players join, the slower the server calculates in order not to overheat or crash. This is what makes the game feel "laggy" with many players online.
  9. The list of banned props includes a now non-existent prop called "tranq_scope10" which was the scope used on tranquilisers. It was removed when scopes where integrated into the SWEPs themselves instead of using a different prop.
  10. Some playermodels only had HITGROUP_GENERIC. These were getting the same amount of damage from a headshot as from all other areas and gave players a huge PvP advantage.
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If you launch a Rolls Royce Ghost at the v2d cave the server immediately shits its pants and stops
(i did this frequently)
you used to be able to make the map nocollided by welding a prop to the floor and then winching another prop to the welded one and then shaking it, causing the map collisions to change and cars would fall under the map
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